CaseCrown Bubble Point Stylus Review

The CaseCrown Bubble Point Stylus is designed for capacitive touch screens like those found on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


It's design is chunky and sort of like a crayon in shape, it's by far the biggest stylus I have ever had chance to use. Five colours are available Black, Silver, Blue, Purple and Red. It's priced at around $5-$15 depending on your colour choice.

It's not very comfortable to use when sketching/ writing after solid periods of time. But navigating iOS using the Bubble Point Stylus works surprisingly well and everything is just as fluid as when using a finger. Of course using a stylus means all the multi touch functionality is removed and that hinders the iOS experience greatly.

I tested the stylus Pen out in many drawing Apps and I found that the precision is middle ground. Brushes like the NoMad Brush are going to give you far greater control with drawing/ painting. The weightiness and chunk of the Stylus makes it easier to hold than most of it's competition though and that's a nice contribution as it never looses contact with the screen. It's also relatively small in length making it easy to travel with.

Overall the CaseCrown Bubble Point Stylus is an okay stylus for capacitive touch screens. It's a pleasant design to hold but will my hand ached after long durations of usage. The precision of drawing ect is not the best we've seen from a stylus either.