Maroo Kaimata Tablet Stand Review

The Maroo Kaimata Stand will hold the New iPad and 1 & 2, Amazon Kindle (Fire), Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry PlayBook and just about any other tablet or eReader on the market. The multi purpose functionally is very convenient, you could have just the one stand situated on your desk and know that all your tablets and eReaders can use it.

The overall build quality is impressive. With a relatively weighty and sturdy plastic base and adjustable aluminium neck. The base of the Maroo Kaimata Stand situates six rubber grips and they work really well, with no movement occurring when using your device.

The stands neck is adjustable which means you have an unlimited amount of positions/ angles to adjust to. You can also have your device hosted in either landscape or portrait view and bring the device down to create a typing position or have it raised high up to watch a movie. Adjusting the stand to a new position with a device inserted is easy, however devices such as the thin iPad 3 can be a little loose when adjusting, so I'd always recommend keeping a hold of the device to be extra safe. The only functionality I felt the Kaimata was lacking is a swivel stand, at times I'd of liked to move my iPad slightly to the side.

Becuase I used my New iPad 3 and I noticed a couple of nice additions that have been made for the iPad such as the gap on the aluminium neck that allows you to plug in a 30 pin cable/ accessory. Also the rubber grips that your iPad rests upon are great for keeping a firm hold and avoiding scratches against it's aluminum back. As the stand can hold quite thick devices,  a thinnish case attached to most tablets and eReaders shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I used the Maroo Kaimata Stand on my desk and have really enjoyed doing so. I've been using my iPad to check twitter and launch Apps while working on my iMac and the ability to quickly and easily adjust the angle of the screen for the intended task I require is superb, it completely trumps using your iPad laying flat on the table.

The bottom of the Kaimata Stand has three little grippy trays dubbed as No-slip trays, which you could store a smartphone and small bits and bobs. It's a nice addition and I can see myself making use of it. 

Overall I am very impressed with the Maroo Kaimata Stand for Tablets and eReaders. It's definitely one of the better stands I have tried in it's category, with a easy adjustability, fantastic grip and a sleek/ well built design. It compliments the device it's working with perfectly.

Click here to purchase the Maroo Kaimata Stand directly from Maroo for $49.99