Relentless Apple & Kiwi Energy Drink Review

The new flavour of Relentless, Apple & Kiwi is another very different direction for this brand of energy drinks to take but is it any good?

Let's start off with the the finer details of this new flavour and that's the can design. Relentless have had some very epic & bold looking can designs and recently the whole family of flavours have seen facelifts. The main colour used is turquoise representing the Apple & Kiwi flavour, it's glossy but within this turquoise some very epic graphic design work can be discovered. Some proudly standing statues are located in between the big energetic 'R' symbols, standing for Relentless. This is definitely another great design.

No artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharine are ingredients and I know this is a big deal for many soda buyers. Coca Cola have decided once again to use sugar as the sweetener and in my opinion this is good thing when it comes to taste and health. Having said that your recommend daily intake of 59% sugar, 11% of your calories and 4% of your salt is contained within the one 500ml can.

Let's get onto the actual beverage found within the can. The smell is very sweet and the appearance is translucent blue not the turquoise presented on the exterior of the can, slightly ruining the consistency of the product. I really wasn't sure if I was actually going to like the flavour as Kiwi isn't something I have on a regular basis but it turned out to be delicious. The individual Apple and Kiwi flavours really greet each other well. It's a very fruity/ sweet tasting and doesn't have an artificial taste either, instead it tastes very natural and refreshing.

The energy kick produced is very sudden and lasts for a good 2-5 hours in my experience. I drank this flavour when very tired and was just about to go long boarding as a test. It kicked into my system in around 10 minutes from drinking the entire can and I was on a very definite buzz for hours.

As the Relentless slogan states 'No Half Measures' and I never feel a thirst after drinking a can. 500ml of drink is more than enough for most days unless it's very hot. One can is enough for two people really but then you're not going to get the full force of the energy kick.

Overall the new Relentless Apple & Kiwi flavour is another delicious edition and I would highly recommend you have a try if you happen to stumble across a can while shopping.