RHA MA-350 Earphones Review

The RHA MA-350 Earphones have an inspired design of a trumpets bell and we can definitely see the resemblance.

They come in one colour being black, with black and half silver buds. The buds look and feel well built and that's because they're machined out of aluminium. The cable is 1.2m long and made from braided fabric, which RHA claims to make them tangle free. We wouldn't go that far but it certainly does reduce tangling and is much more hard wearing compared to silicone earphone cables. We were actually very supervised by how well made these earphones are, we don't expect anything in the sub £30 category to be made from aluminium.

The silicone tips on the buds can be easily removed and switched with the small, medium and large optional tips included within the box. They are comfortable and light weight in use and I found the default tips to be a perfect fit. You also get a little carry pouch.

Something we noticed was missing when first glancing at the MA-350 Earphones was a built in remote control or microphone. We can live without a microphone but having no control is a real disadvantage and makes listening to music a bit of a chore. Without a control everything has to be commanded directly to the device playing the audio, which is just not convenient.

However what the earphones lack in a control they make up for in audio quality. It's phenomenal! The first thing you'll notice about the audio is that it's very bass heavy, some hate this and some don't, I like it. But I only like it if the audio can be clear too, in this case it is. The buds 10mm drivers are very direct and you can easily distinguish individuals instruments, vocals ect. Treble is superb for the price point and volume when truned fully up is unbearable but doesn't distort and that is hard to say for a lot of £60-£100 earphones. The audio is so pleasant that I've actually been using these earphones as my primary pair for the past week.

Another nice little perk of theses buds is the in built noise isolation. Blocking out surrounding noise well, even people speaking loudly is miniscule when these are in.

The RHA MA-350 Earphones are extraordinary impressive at the price point of under £30! You're getting a superb design/ build, comfortable/ interchangeable earphone tips and prestigious audio quality. The only real let down is the lack of a built in remote control.