DryBuds 100% Waterproof Earbuds Review

The DryBuds from DryCorp are quite a novelty, we've never used waterproof Earbuds before but after a quick Google search it appears many of you love and need waterproof audio gear.

If you plan on having waterproof Earbuds then it's quite likely you'll need a waterproof case for the device playing the audio that is able to have an audio jack plugged in, so take a look at this. If you want to have a pair of these because you plan on running in wet conditions ect then a case wouldn't be totally necessary.

The DryBuds look quite generic but that isn't a bad thing. We'd rather have this stab at a sleek curved design than a weird waterproof hybrid look. You wouldn't know these were waterproof unless told. Only one colour is available being glossy black, the gloss is also situated along the cable and this allows the water to drop of quickly. The exterior material is plastic which is surprisingly rugged. It appears some pairs of these earbuds have the Dry Corp splash logo situated on the sides. The bud tips are made from silicone, three sizes are included within the box. Small, medium and large. A waterproof bag is also included in the box and this is to be used to store the buds in.

I found the medium size tips to be a near perfect fit for my ears. They are comfortable to wear but when you insert them into your ears a suction is created and it's a little unpleasant. I'm assuming this suction is caused from the waterproof elements locking out air. However this does block out surrounding sounds and helps audio leakage.

Cable length is more than enough and the cable features a gold plated tip, we are skeptical whether gold plated anything maximises audio quality though. Also you can adjust the split buds cable with a slider. Missing from the cable is a remote to control music playback and any pair of headphones or earbuds missing this feature has shot themselves in the foot. It just hinders the music listening experience but we give the DryBuds the excuse of being waterproof and the possible complexity incorporating a waterproof control.

My current lifestyle has no need for waterproof earbuds so I found it tricky to jump into a scenario where I could use them. I decided to take a swim in a pool and I can conclude that they are 100% waterproof. When diving underwater the buds fell out but it's understandable with the pressure. I enjoyed using them when just swimming, it's quite motivational listening to music while swimming.

I listened to music across a variety of genres and can testify that the audio quality isn't at all bad. Considering the sub £30 price point for a waterproof product it's quite impressive. Audio is mildly tinny at times due to a lack of bass. But treble, depth and individual elements of tracks can be distinguished reasonably well. Volume doesn't go ultra loud but is fine for the average listener.

The DryBuds are nice set of inexpensive waterproof earbuds.

You can purchase the DryBuds from http://www.typhoon-int.co.uk/