Thursday Friday Home iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Thursday Friday is a fashion label located in sunny California. They craft a wide range of accessories and we have already checked out one of them for the iPad. As a brand they lean to aiming more at females who admire and purchase highly styled accessories. 

This the Thursday Friday Home iPhone case is no exception to the high styling rule. The term Home is meant to provide this case with a quite literal home cosy experience that is felt when using and touching it. It's soft exterior is cosy and inviting but once I was aware of the exterior material used, the case felt a little less cosy. Five different styles are available to buy, each is two toned and relatively loud in design you wouldn't be able to distinguish this as being an iPhone case at a glance.

Unfortunately the new iPhone 5 doesn't quite fit because of the taller design, if you really want to sacrifice secureness the phone will stick out a few of inches. However the iPhone 4/4S fit perfectly when bare, if a case is attached it will prevent your phone entering, something that is a bit of an inconvenience if you want to use the Home case as a mode of transport. Quick access to your iPhone is granted via a simple corded loop, this allows effortless loosening and tightening.

A metal clip attached to the case, can concede it to be hooked onto a handbag or a key-ring ect.

Onto protection the iPhone is covered with leather and fur. So Mild drops and bumps will be absorbed well by the case. However bigger drops onto harder surfaces could present damage. But the Thursday Friday Home is an ideal sort of case for protection against small objects, when carrying your iPhone within a handbag.

A controversial material has been used and is the biggest falling point. The first and not so controversial material is Leather and it's used on the exterior of the inner pouch that sits the iPhone and the interior is lined with a suede. I have to say it's of a high quality but I feel I should also say that with the huge leaps artificial leather has made in recent years, especially in case production. If you were to hand me a thin real leather and fake leather case, I couldn't distinguish the difference, so why use it at all?  However I do understand that some scenarios where you need a thick and long lasting constructive material, leather can be the answer. But leather isn't the sore thumb here, this happens to be the fur coating, because it's made from real fox fur. I personally don't agree with the idea that a fox had to loose it's life, just so I could enjoy his or her fur. But what really boggles me is that it's not even a necessary need to kill an animal for the fur anymore, artificial (faux) fur feels and looks the same, if not better than that from an animal. It's clearly supposed to be a fashion statement, I think it's a tad disgusting. Once I was aware that it was fox fur, I didn't feel comfortable using the case any longer.

Overall the Thursday Friday Home case for the iPhone 4/4S is well made and presents bold styles for the very fashion conscious. But the real fox fur used is just repulsive and destroys anything this case had going for it.