STM Jacket (travel bag/ case) for iPad Review


The STM Jacket for the iPad is made out of water resistant 600D nylon. The exterior looks really good with a nice chocolate brown finish on my STM Jacket. The front of the Jacket has a little pouch where you can store your iPhone or any iPod, this pouch is dubbed as the ‘Unique Slider’. The pouch allows your device to go in at an angle but does not have a zipper which was a huge concern for me because I was worried it would fall out. This isn’t the case however, I tried to really shake the case with my iPhone in to get the sucker out but it just wouldn’t budge. This must be due to the iPhone going in at an angle and the top of the pouch having a flap which catches it.

Underneath the layer of the pouch we are greeted with a another bigger one which has a zipper this time. This is designed for cables and earbuds but is big enough for a small book or documents but there is another part of the STM Jacket designed for that. On the right hand side of the Jacket we see a handle for carrying it and around the back we have a huge open compartment which is designed for paper work ect to go into. Up top there is a a removable adjustable shoulder strap. The exterior is very very well stitched, the materials used are great and it looks fantastic. 

So what about the iPad, where does that go? Well I have left the best for last, the STM Jacket has a two zippers going from the bottom left to the top right which once undone allow you to place your iPad inside. The iPad is cushioned against soft touch orange polyester which doesn’t scratch or cause any harm to your iPad. The Jacket leaves enough space around the iPad so you can insert it with a skin on like the Case Mate Gelli. This is a huge plus.

The protection offered is quite substantial with the fantastic thick padding right around the case. So small drops and bumps when traveling aren't a worry. The waterproof nylon means when it rains the drops will not soak through the material and instead just drops off the Jacket. The stitching and nylon also come together to create a superb build.

Overall the STM Jacket is a very well made, protective, stylish, easy to move around with and a purposeful product which I highly recommend to anyone on the go and traveling.