Pong Research Anti Radiation Case for iPad 2 Review

The Pong Research Anti Radiation Case for iPad 2 is very unique. It promises to reduce your radiation intake while also improving your iPads signal strength.

The Cases interior is made from a very soft to touch Lexan. Lexan is the same material NASA has used to make helmets with and if you laminate sheets of Lexan together it can with stain a bullet. So the material is pretty strong. The exterior of the case is coated in a nice quality lack leather.

The iPad can be clipped in and out very easily. But is securely held within the case at all times.

The top of the case is cut out which is nice for 3G iPad owners. It also means that the audio jack, microphone, rear camera, front camera and sleep/ wake button are all exposed. The volume rockers and 30 pin dock connector are also cutout and allow enough room for adequate quick usage of the features. The speaker isn’t fully cut out and is instead protected from dust ect getting in. I had originally thought this would downgrade the audio quality but it actually improves it and makes it sound slightly louder and more bass heavy.

I can’t prove that the Pong Research iPad 2 case reduces my bodies radiation intake but some evidence on the internet is very solidly pointing towards it doing so. However I can see a notable difference in the 3G & Wi-Fi signals. I am picking up two bars of Wi-Fi in places where I always picked up one and with 3G the signal it’s far more consistent when traveling around where it would once drop out and regain connection all the time. This to me is quite remarkable and is all caused by the case not triggering the proximity sensor which allows the iPad to detect nearby objects without contact. For those who want a stronger 3G or Wi-Fi signals this case is a must.

The folio design allows for the iPad to sleep and wake from lifting the cover. It works well and doesn’t trigger itself on and off when walking around with the case at downward angles. The cover has the exact same functionality as the Apple Smart Cover and works just as well with relatively strong magnets built in. But it also takes the Smart Cover design to the next level. You can fold the cover into a triangle making a brilliantly sturdy upright stand perfect for watching movies ect on. But because it’s so sturdy it makes the ultimate way of interacting with the iPad at the angle compared to most other folio cases on the market.

Protection given is decent for a folio style case. The case isn’t very thick and keeps the iPad 2’s thin profile but at the same time the case is very strong in construction. Mild to small drops shouldn’t be too much for this case to cope with but the top of the iPad is exposed which is worth taking into account.

Overall the Pong Research Case for iPad 2 is well made, slim, allows you to use all the features of your iPad, has an amazing stand and the remarkable signal enhancements are the real winning ticket feature along with less radiation entering our bodies of course.