Glouv Manifold Case for iPad 2 and New iPad 3 Review

The first thing to say about the Glouv Manifold folio iPad 2 and New iPad case is that it is actually excellent. It is made well, looks great and has a number of particularly good points. However, it has one specific flaw, and this is the fact that there is no low-angled inbuilt position to set it specifically for typing - hence 4 stars.

It comes well packaged and is available in a red, brown or black colour with a good-looking and durable suede-look finish. There is no doubt that the iPad is very well protected in this case, with it having both a silicone case and a hard shell covering the back. And the hidden secret with this, that will impress your friends, is that the iPad can easily be removed from the main case and remain protected by the soft but highly-protective silicone cover. Thus, two cases in one.

The case has the important function to make the iPad sleep and wake up, and this is particularly positive, not like some that tend to keep clicking the iPad on and off while you are carrying them around. All the cutouts for cameras, volume, speaker, etc., are perfectly placed and it is nice that the silicone case has flaps over the ports for external plugs, increasing the protection from dust and liquid spillages. On the packaging it says it is a lightweight case, but we do not agree with this - you cannot expect this degree of protection without a little extra weight and this is definitely heavier than most other cases we have reviewed.

Although not having a position set for typing, the case does have three good specific positions when in landscape for viewing YouTube and films. (Here I must tell you that we have discovered a secret that does increase the standing positions for the case, including allowing for a typing position: Although a little fiddly, detach the iPad in the silicone case, place the main case with the inside upwards and lift the hard back-shell into a vertical position. This way you can achieve just about any low angle you want and can also angle the iPad in a portrait position, which is pretty cool really, although we're sure that the makers did not intend this!)

Anyway, to sum up, this is a luxuriously finished case that looks good, functions well apart from the typing position, and gives excellent protection for your iPad when on the move. It also has the addition of being in a removable silicone case which is a definite bonus.