The Joy Factory Aspire 4.1 Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

The Joy Factory's attempt at doing a more traditional iPhone case with a front cover is quite unique. As it has a removable front, actually it has two optional fronts included in different designs.

These both have an identical padded interior preventing damage and scratches from occurring. One design has an all black leather exterior and the other other also has an all leather exterior but it’s in grey with a patented black running through it. Both designs look fine but I prefer the all black one myself, but having any kind of choice is a nice refreshing change when you see the same thing everyday on your iPhone.

I like using my iPhone in cases which don’t offer front pieces as it hinders the experience in my eyes. But every now and then I’d love my screen to have some kind of protection and so I’ve been using this case in my own way. I keep the black leather front piece with me and when my iPhone goes into my pocket I attach it but when I’m using it, I rip the front piece off.

The removable fronts are inserted into the case via an extruding piece of plastic at the bottom of it. Once inserted it’s very secure and doesn’t come loose when in your pocket or in use.

The actual black plastic shell which holds your iPhone has a rubbery feel to it and is rather well built. It feels very tough and solid. You have full access to your iPhones functionality and the 30 pin dock connector is completely exposed as the bottom of the case is fully cutout, so you can use any accessory in theory.

A nice little addition this case incorporates is a pull out stand which lets your iPhone either be propped up in landscape or in portrait. The stand isn’t noticeable when folded away, it’s a very small and compact design.

Protection given from the Aspire 4.1 is also quite good. When the front piece is attached the screen is well protected as well as the rear of the iPhone. Small drops, bumps and scrapes shouldn't be too much of a problem for this case.

Overall the Joy Factory Aspire 4.1 Case for the iPhone 4 & 4S is a fantastic Hybrid case for those who like the protection given from a front piece covering the screen but also like the feel of a case which doesn’t offer this as a function.