Hayley Sales - When the Bird Became a Book Album Review

Hayley Sales has led a very interesting life, her parents owned and a farm and her father had a recording studio with frequent musicians coming and going. This exposure to music started at an early age and her love for surfing and traveling has all projected into some very honest and laid back music which has a lot to say.

Hayley's latest album When a Bird Became a Book consists of thirteen tracks. Many different styles of songs are contained but every single song is written superbly and I have a genuinely hard time saying that about any other album in the top 10 charts on iTunes right now.

My favourite tracks are Just Pretend, More Than You Know, Simple Song, Not In My Garden, Right Way Not To Live, When the Bird Became a Book, One Day At A Time and When The Wind Blows. As you can see that's eight tracks of a thirteen track album and the others are also great, that should say a lot about this album. I choose these songs because I loved the uplifting, colourful and sunny feel given. I love the way Hayley plays the guitar and the drums, bass also sound tight and great. Her voice is exotic, pleasurable, light and non tiresome. She's definitely a talented singer and a confident one.

Different styles can be heard in the tracks such as Just Pretend which is quite acoustic but towards the end a bit of reggae can be heard and a reggae underlining is found throughout One Day At A Time. Actually reggae styles can be heard on tracks a lot in the album along with bluesy styles, soft rock and hip hop but Hayley definitely adds her own twists. The main style she plays is acoustic but most of her songs incorporate elements from the above styles and it works really well.

I realised after listening to the album three or four times that Hayley has a deep love for this planet and songs such as Not In My Garden put across our environmental responsibilities and I'm all for that. Hayley has definitely seen and done a lot in her life and that means she has a lot of amazing things to share.

Hayley can write songs, really well! She's so witty that sometimes while I'm listening to to her tracks I giggle a little because what she's done with the lyrics is so clever. It feels as if it was an effortless writing process and that the lyrics are natural and organic. She's also capable of inspiring and telling vivid stories through her music. These are all capabilities which so many artists would love to have a drip of.

The weakest song is the last track called First Flight Home, I didn't like the style of it and Hayley doesn't fit this style either. I play every other song on the album from my iPod but avoid that one. It's not that it's poorly written because it's not. It's just the way it's being played, a constant beat of what sounds like an army drum is the background of the entire song and it's tedious. The vocals are also way overdone.

Overall Hayley Sales and her latest Album When the Bird Became a Book are both brilliant. The songs are catchy and down to earth. Definitely pick it up to listen to this summer.