TYLT Zumo Portable Battery Pack Review

The TYLT Zumo is a battery pack designed to be taken on the go to charge a variety of devices when they are on the verge of going flat.

The device comes in one colour which is glossy black and the overall design is very petite, I can literally hold the Zumo in the palm of my hand. Plus it’s practically weightless. On top a key chain fixture is placed. An LED indicator is positioned on the front and to activate it, so it feeds out a reading of how far the battery is charged you simply press down upon on it. Both sides contain an embedded flexible cable. The left holds a regular USB and the right on my model has a 30 pin dock connector, another model is avaliable with micro USB.

First looking at the multi USB model, which many will opt for as the ability to charge a mammoth array of devices is possible. And most of my gadgets such as portable projectors, portable TV Tuners, Camcorders, Sound Docks ect which all included a micro and standard USB 2.0 inputs worked fine with the TYLT Zumo. The model with a 30 pin dock connector was able to charge the iPad which has requires a higher frequency of electricity that some portable batteries don't incorporate. iPod's and iPhone's also charge effortlessly.

Accessing either of the cables is quick and convenient because of the flexibility and mechanism and once your done you can just fold them back into the device.

The pace of charging is longer than if you were using an AC plug but only by around 25-35% from what I’ve seen. When you're on the move and an AC plug isn’t available this fills the gap nicely. The lithium-ion battery has enough juice in it to completely recharge my portable projector and portable TV Tuner. So I tried charging my fully drained iPhone 4S, it got the battery up to 80%. Considering this guys size, it's not bad performance but could be better. 1500mHA isn't enough to rely on with bigger devices such as an iPad which it charged to 24% from drained. This is only enough for a simple backup solution and becuase the size is petite we use it in this manner. TYLT claim that it holds a charge for up to one year and from what we’ve seen over the past month of uasge is that it does hold a solid charge. For something so small it makes the most of it’s space.

To charge the Zuno you can just plug it into a USB input on your computer or use a USB to AC plug and that will ensure it charges as fast as possible. 

Durability is always a concern and it’s even more so with something that's essentially a battery. The plastic casing is hard and very resistive to bumps. Having this attached to a key-ring, a bag or even just dangling around in a pocket isn’t going to put the TYLT Zumo in scares jeopardy.

With the ultra-compact and light design, fast charging, convenient flex charging arms and a trustworthy solid charge. It all makes the TYLT Zumo a superb ultra compact portable charging backup solution which retails for just $39.99.