Monkee Genes Organic Slim Fit Chino Trousers Review

Monkee Genes was founded to produce ethical trousers. That means these Slim Fit Chinos haven't been touched by children and the employees have been paid a fair amount. Also they're made from organically grown cotton.

Being ethical means Monkee Genes charge £60 for their Chinos and an additioanl £5 for shipping. You can also add patches, one is included for free and any addional, are £5. The flat cost is quite a bit more than most major brands. For instance a similar pair I own from Top Man's own brand was £29.99.

These Slim Fit Organic Sateen Chinos are unisex and come in small to large sizes. The cotton used feels silky and rugged, it's medium thickness and is of an overall high quality. The choice of two types of thickness are available, lightweight and autumn weight, costing an additional £5. I have autumn weight and it's definitely better suited for this time of year, protecting a little bit more from the current, very seasonal outdoors.

One of the big attractions to Chino trousers is the sheer variety of colours they're available in. Monkee Genes don't disappoint with their selection. Coming in cyan, green, red, pink, black, grey, cream and many more. Of course the current trademark colour of Chinos is tan and that's the colour my pair is. The tan colour represented on the Monkee Genes website is quite a bit darker than they are in real life. The lightness is a mild let down, as I feel the darker shade is more appealing. I can't speak for the other colours, as I've only seen tan in person.

Comfort is key and these don't disappoint. The fit is obviously dependant on the shape of your legs, I'm very slim and size 28" cling and hold a skinny shape well. They are perfectly contoured on the lower legs and thighs and the fabric doesn't rub and cause irritation due to the soft cotton. After a couple of trips in the washing machine, the pair hasn't leaked colour or lost their softness. Every stitch is precise and I can't spot one error in manufacturing. They're an exceptionally well made.

As far as storage goes, two deep pockets are located either side of the front, ideal for larger smartphones such as the iPhone 5. Quite deep additional rear pockets are of use too, but don't have any buttons to secure your contents. Speaking of buttons, all the other makes of Chino trousers I have sport buttons on the crotch area. These are the first I've used with a zipper and boy do I love it. Far quicker and more convenient than buttons. Like any pair of trousers, one button is located, above the zipper to undo the waistline, situating a banana graphic upon it. But that's only needed when you take them on and off. Design wise they look stylish and are very functional.

The Monkee Genes Slim Fit Organic Sateen Chinos offer something for those who want a stylish design, lots of colour options and a good clean conscious when purchasing.