Jelly Belly Scented Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The Jelly Belly Scented iPhone 4/4S cases gained positive acclaim from us. So the version for the Samsung Galaxy S3 should be on par.

The case is still made from a translucent jelly like plastic which is soft and smooth to touch. It comes in Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry Cheesecake and Wild Blackberry. It's a shame the choice of flavours is a little bare in comparison to the offerings for the iPhone. I have the Strawberry Cheesecake and although it does smell as such, there is a certain popcorn aroma too. But I think Strawberry Cheesecake is strangely similar in reality to popcorn. The aroma is relatively strong and is supposed to retain for many months. I've used the case for two weeks and it hasn't declined in scent.

The case fits the Galaxy S3 perfectly. Volume rockers, microphones, Samsung dock connector and audio jack are all cutout for easy access. The rear camera is cutout in the shape of a jelly bean, retaining the Jelly Belly theme.

Using the case over long durations of time I have noticed it's far more comfortable than using the smartphone bare. It's silky smooth exterior is a perfect comfortable fit within my hands. Unfortunately the case is deceptive to attracting dirt and grease but is easily wiped away with my sleeve.

Because the case is slightly rubberised it deliveries shock absorbance upon impact. It's perfect for escorting your Samsung Galaxy S3 for when in your pocket. Bare in mind the Jelly Belly Scented Case leaves the front of your phone completely exposed though.

Overall this is a good case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's a perfect fit and allows use of the smartphones exterior functions. The flavours are quite charming too. Also a free pack of 10g Jelly Belly assorted jelly beans is included. The only let down is the lack of flavours offered for the S3 in comparison to the iPhone 4/4S.