American Apparel Easy Jeans Review

American Apparel Easy Jeans Medium Indigo

Have jeans become too complicated? Well, American Apparel think so and they've decided to throw caution, or rather cotton, to the wind and release a pair of jeans that are uncomplicated. Featuring no front pockets and a high waisted one-cut suits all philosophy, these are intended to promote the skinny look for females without the tight restrictive movement.

Colours & Price

American Apparel get colour. We reviewed the Slim Slack jeans a few years ago, which came in a rainbow of desirable colours. But these Easy Jeans are even more ambitiously trying to find their way onto every female's legs by offering 21 very different colours/washes. We played it safe in the diverse assortment and went for a medium indigo stone wash; definitely what you'd call ‘smart casual’. The Easy Jeans are priced at $78 within the USA, costing the exact same amount as the similar Levi’s Curve ID jeans. In the UK they’re priced at around the £60-£70 mark, varying slightly based on the colour/wash.


For reference the model within our photos is wearing these jeans in size small. The denim is super stretchy so that it moulds to the body of your legs, delivering that instantly fashionable super skinny look. They’re particularly flattering, due to the cut which promotes rounded and hourglass figures tremendously, and they’re cut for a high-waist effect to accentuate the length of the legs. Depending on your height the waist of the jeans will come up to somewhere near your belly button. With our model the Easy Jeans actually overlapped the belly button, making them a fantastic partner for crop tops. The denim ripples around the knees and ankles, which we liked as it added variety to the pure flatness produced in the rest of the material.

American Apparel Easy Jeans Medium Wash Sitting On Logs

High waisted jeans are on trend for the summer. So the many warmer colours/washes American Apparel offer the Easy Jeans in go well with nautical styled tops and patterned items. Ours, in a medium indigo stone wash, is a rather bright shade of blue that we feel suits all seasons. Worth noting is that they look quite at home with both flat shoes and more smart causal shoes with heels, as demonstrated within our photos.

American Apparel Easy Jeans Medium Wash Walking


If you’re a stickler for super soft clothing, you’ll love American Apparel Easy Jeans. We thought the denim on the Jack & Jones Premium Ben Classic skinny jeans for guys was soft, but these are on another level. As our tester noted ‘their comfort has encroached on onesie grounds’. The velvety softness is married to an exceptionally flexible fit, so everyday movements aren’t restricted like many other skinny jeans; in fact you can actually lunge in them with ease. Even with such increased degree of movement within the jeans, they didn’t irritatingly need pulling up to the waist all the time as the waistband's elastic sports a hearty grip. The denim is also highly breathable, so wearing them on warm days, or during physical activity, isn’t a horribly hot and bothering experience. On chillier days they snuggly hug your legs to keep them warm.

American Apparel Easy Jeans Medium Wash Sitting on Stone Wall with Longboard


The Easy Jeans denim is made up from 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 2% Spandex, and it's the lower than average cotton percentage within the ratio is what creates their flexibility. The material is reasonably thick but very importantly the stitching is all in-line, not one stitch has popped and the seams are very strong. So following all the movement and day to day usage they’ve been put through, they look nearly the same as they did from the day they came out of the factory in California, although the colour has faded slightly from being washed, which is expected. 

Pockets & Zipper

So there aren't any front pockets but there are dual back pockets, deep and wide enough to place a smartphone, wallet, keys, etc. Not having any front pockets will definitely feel alien to those who haven't ever had trousers without them before. We do agree that it makes the American Apparel Easy Jeans look more streamlined, but we’d forgo this for the added storage space.

American Apparel Easy Jeans Medium Wash Back Pockets

A button and zip is featured on the front of the jeans, with no problems or concerns to report about the method or manufacture quality

American Apparel Easy Jeans Front View Crop Top


Really the American Apparel Easy Jeans are one of the best high waisted jean trouser options out there for females who want a diverse colour and wash option to suit them; and one that includes that super skinny look in a highly comfortable and flexible denim that doesn’t stop the blood from flowing to your feet.

Five Stars