OnePiece London College Sweater Review

OnePiece London College Sweater

OnePiece is synonymous with the recent onesie phenomenon, with which we’re guilty of being fully signed up to. Diversifying outside this specific sphere they are now a fashion company, with playsuits, trousers, jackets, hoodies and even underwear, and the range is constantly expanding. The essence of comfort that the onesie has established is still the trademark principle of all these clothes. A firm example of this is the £59/$69 OnePiece London College Sweater that we’ve been addictively wearing for the past few weeks.


This dark grey sweater scores a preppy look with a white T-shirt to accent around the neck, black skinny jeans or stone slim fit chinos and a pair of suede shoes. In total contrast, with baggier trousers or stone wash jeans and a pair of Vans shoes, it will play host to a skater-friendly image. With its natural loose-fit, but tightly elasticated wrists and waist, and distinctive jacquard knitted pattern that reminds us of our local landmark the Eden Project, it’s a sweater that seals a warm look that we can safely say will receive compliments when someone hugs you. This is because the patterned jacquard design covering the sweater disperses hundreds of soft pockets lined with substantially super-soft premium cotton.

OnePiece London College Sweater Front
OnePiece London College Sweater Back


Here’s a sweater than lives up to its name in the right circumstances, as it’s lined with Polyester with 2% Elastane for stretchiness. It not only keeps us snug and warm in the current cold autumn days, but it resists the wind too. The lining acts as a barrier, not just against the heat escaping but as a shield to stop the wind reaching your body with its coldness.

OnePiece London College Sweater Over Shoulder Wrist using iPhone
OnePiece London College Sweater on iPhone

The first time you throw the London College Sweater on, you might question whether you ordered the correct size from the choice of XXS, XS, S, M or L. Ours is the small, and whilst there isn't too much material overhanging the shoulders or arms, the airiness around the stomach had us second guessing if it was the correct size for small peeps. A glance in the mirror confirmed that it absolutely is. Having an obvious tailored image it looks proportionally right, as otherwise arm length and shoulders would look strange. This intentional design choice makes the sweater ‘a lazy Sunday’ piece with modern-day style for every day of the week, which is exactly what OnePiece was originally all about - although this time it’s something you can unassumingly step outside the house with.

OnePiece London College Sweater Crossed Arms Leaning


Wear it outside and indoors. The OnePiece London College Sweater is the one to reach for out of the closet on relaxed cold brisk winter morning walks and late evening pumpkin spiced latte cuddles.

Five Stars