American Apparel Slim Slack Jeans Review

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American Apparel truly manufacture all of their clothing within the USA. They have a factory in downtown LA, which employs over 6000 skilled industrial workers, all of whom are paid a fair wage and have access to affordable healthcare and other benefits. We researched the factory online and it's definitely sweatshop free, conditions are clean and airy. These colourful unisex Slim Slack Jeans had 43 sewers at the factory construct them. They're priced at $76 within the USA and £64 within the UK. For clothing manufactured within the first world, these prices aren't ridiculously extravagant.

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The level of craftsmanship and prestigious quality is obvious from the moment when we first came into contact with these trousers. Stitching is strong and precise, material is thick and rugged, the dying process is carried out consistently and colours haven't washed out or worn away. Actually the trousers haven't shown any signs of wear or tear and are machine washable.

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They're comfortable to wear too. The stretched mid-weight bull denim (2% spandex & 98% cotton) is soft and gentle against the skin, portraying a very comfortable breathable pair of trousers for the summer months and in winter they provide adequate warmth too. The style is slim-fitting, not skinny as the name Slim Slack would suggest. Featuring a mid-rise and a straight, slim-fitting leg. They don't hug the legs, so sitting down and general moving around with them on isn't uncomfortable or restrictive. But they do hug the bottom (more so on women with curves) and ankles, but sport a little stretch, overall they encompass a streamlined design. Our female model seen within the photos is wearing a pair with a waist of 29". They're available from waist size 22” to waist size 36", so larger individuals are accommodated at no extra expense.

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Style & Colour Options

We think they look stylish and compliment dresses, t-shirts, sweaters and casual or dressy footwear charmingly. The vast range of colours they're available in really do offer something for everyone; we'd be seriously surprised if someone couldn't find a shade they like. On offer is jet black, almost black, mustard yellow, peacock cyan blue, asphalt, white, poppy, mouse brown, pale yellow, purple, midnight blue, light royal blue, hunter green, light grey, maize and truffle. So if you're looking for a bold or subtle or highly stylised look, you're catered for.

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Pockets & Zipper

The Slim Slack trousers have five pockets, two large pockets along the back, big enough to place a wallet, the two trouser pockets along the front are deep too and a coin pocket is located within the top of the right pocket. A metal zipper and button fasten the trousers at the front. We're happy to see the inclusion of a zipper, buttons seemed to be popping up and replacing them recently and we find them so time consuming to do up and generally they're just not as practical in comparison to a zipper.


The American Apparel Slim Slack trousers promote style, lots of choice, comfort and they're made in the USA. So if you're browsing for a pair of comfortable, stylish trousers that are available in a vast range of colours, the American Apparel Slim Slack's might be just right for you.

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