Audyssey Wireless Speakers Review

Audyssey are a relatively new name on the speaker scene. But a quick Google search of their speakers will provide masses of positive praise. So I am very excited to be trying their latest creation, the simply named, says what it does, Audyssey Wireless Speakers. Retailing for $299 in the USA and around the £230 mark within the UK.

Aesthetically these are a gorgeous set of speakers, the angling of the stand provides the pair with a sweeping subtle elegant charm. Each speaker is practically identical in exterior appearance, the right differs due to the front headphone jack and next to it a volume adjuster which doubles as an on and off button when pressed. The pearl white rear matte plastic body combined with the black trim and speaker grill, really sets the rounded swift lines off excellently. They look so refined on my wooden desk, one each side of my iMac and also suit my living room too. Actually they seem to just mould into every room I place them in.

The combined weight of both speakers is 3.2kg, the right master speaker is significantly heavier than the left. Both measure 12.9cm (W) by 17.3cm (D) by 23cm (H). 

Of course, the Audyssey Wireless Speakers are truly stereo, each speaker is separate and can be placed in individual positions. This is no doubt a dying trend, due to the appeal of all-in-one units and cost savings involved with manufacturing all-in-one stereo speaker units. The cable connecting the pair is a standard Hi-Fi cable which I had initial trouble with. This is because the length of the cable is about 1.5 meters, perfectly adequate length when using the speakers on my desk, but in my living room I want them spaced around 3.5 meters apart. Luckily I have longer cables on hand but I suspect many people wouldn't own any and might run into trouble. 

The wireless technology built in is Bluetooth. Setting it up is very simple, turn the speakers on and pair with your device as you would with any other Bluetooth product. I experienced no issues in connecting, it was a seamless experience. I've tested the speakers on a slew of devices and the performance has been across the board fantastic, the range is vast (10-15 metres) and the connection doesn't break up when playing audio from devices such as smartphones, which you move around frequently. If you don't have access to Bluetooth you can use the rear Auxiliary input on the right hand speaker (Auxiliary cable supplied in the box). 

All control other than volume adjustment is done via the device playing the audio. The lack of remote isn't really a big issue for me but I can appreciate people feeling disadvantaged because of it. 

Moving onto the most important element: audio quality. Audyssey have inbuilt a regular and dynamic EQ and what's called BassXT. The company is attempting to really fine tune the outputted stereo audio via digitalisation and they have succeeded. Audio presents clarity and definition. The exactness of the bass is probably one of the most impressive points, bass heavy elements in tracks are never too over-powering, in turn keeping clear perceptibility. Listening to a huge array of music genres and all my online consumption of media on these over the past two and bit weeks has just been delightful. I have primarily been listening to the pair in my office, a largish room which the Wireless Speakers can easily fill. Reverb doesn't occur until cranked literally fully up but would definitely transpire if it wasn't for the stands on each speaker that have three rubber grips holding the speakers firm. 

Overall Audyssey have done everything right with the Wireless Speakers. They have crafted a desirable design and made sure audio output quality via Bluetooth is exceedingly noteworthy. At $249 on Amazon, they are worth it.