LunaTik AnTik Watch Face Accessory Review

This a perfect time to talk about this product, due to Apple radically redesigning the iPod nano as of recent. Gone is the square sixth generation nano and back is the familier widescreen design but this time it's a multi-touch screen. This means you can no longer purchase the nano that sprawled all the watch accessories and two of the most popular watch accessories were the LunaTik and TikTok Multi-Touch Watch Bands. The creators WiMo Labs have made their own watch face accessory for the watch band accessory, yes it's a little confusing. Essentially it's an iPod Nano shaped clock and slots into the band.

Five different clock faces are available, I have the gamma silver which I personally think looks the best. All the faces show simply the time, in a mildly 3D like fashion due to the engraving of the numbers, but I'd of liked to have seen some extra info displayed, such as the date. All designs are very easy to read due to the clear and very direct graphics. With the exception of when in the presence of a dimly lit environments because no backlight has been built in, this is my biggest complaint and a backlight would really suit the clocks bold numbers. However the face does sport glow in the dark technology but wouldn't sustain through a whole night. The clocks face is the exact same dimensions as the iPod nano's screen, so it's a good size.

The exterior is machined out of aluminium and from a distance you could easily mistake it for an iPod nano. To adjust the time a textured extruding knob is located in the middle of the right hand side and it's in keeping with the AnTik's design. The overall build is sturdy and solid. The design claims waterproof functionality of up to 30 meters and I can confirm that it works.

Using the AnTik for a week and a bit has been quite enjoyable, it's a little bigger than some watches but doesn't overstep the mark. It's simple in every easpect from design to functionality and is therefor very Apple like and this could be a real draw for many.

Overall the LunaTik AnTik accurately displays the time and is constructed very well. But I don't feel that would justify a purchase of a watch band just so you could use the AnTik as your everyday watch. If you own a band already and are getting tired or are finding it inconvenient using an iPod nano, then it could be for you.