CaseCrown Metallic Glider Case - White Selenite for iPad 2 Review

I haven’t tried that many two part design cases on my iPad 2 as of yet. But the offering from CaseCrown called the Glider Case is by far the best I’ve tried so far.

Coming in only one color which is a apparently a White Selenite, the case looks awesome. It’s glossy to touch and suits the white iPad 2 very well indeed. The polycarbonate material which the exterior is made out of is very tough and rigid, that surprises me due to the thinness of it. The interior of where your iPad will be chilling has a felt material which isn’t too bad at attracting dirt ect, so your iPad shouldn’t get scratched. 

Getting your iPad 2 inside is very easy and takes no more than 20 seconds. This is nice to see as many two part cases are ridiculously tight making it very difficult and time consuming to get your iPad into the case. But the ironic thing about this CaseCrown offering is the fact it glides onto the iPad when inserting (hint the name) but getting it off is a lot tougher. Plenty of polycarbonate is over lapped between the two parts so the likelihood of snapping and wear and tear is greatly reduced. I put my case onto my iPad 2 and left it on for a day and it appears that the case needs a little time to settle in as the color white left from the case was left on the front of my iPad. After two to three days this stopped happening.

The CaseCrown Glider Case functionality is very well done. The cutouts are all perfectly inline, leaving buttons and ports easily usable. I especially liked the cutout for the volume rockers and mute/ orientation lock switch because they are left right on the edge of the cutout making it very easy to use all that functionality as you can just slide your finger down the cutouts edge to get to it/ One thing I know a lot of you wonder about is whether the case has anything slightly covering the speaker or not and I can safely say this case does not and leaves it wide open for maximum audio quality.

The iPads bezel is completely uncovered by the case which is good and makes using it that bit more pleasant as so many Apps pacifically games require finger run ups from the bezel.

Protection is at medium on our scales. The polycarbonate is definitely rugged and the whole cases build is well made. Big drops arn’t the best thing for the Glider Case to go through but small drops, knocks and bumps are perfect for it.

Overall the CaseCrown Glider Case is the only two part design case which i’d recommend to anyone at present. With a sharp thin design to great functionality and to pretty decent protection this has everything a good iPad case needs.

If you are interested in purchasing this case or any CaseCrown product we have a coupon for 30% off everything by entering SS30OFF at the checkout which we believe works internationally. Plus CaseCrown are currently doing a Summer Giveback promotion which gives you a surprise gift with every order and are having weekly Facebook giveaways