Reckless Getaway iPhone and iPad Game Review

Reckless Getaway sees you driving away from robberies at crazy fun speeds in a couple of different vehicles. The vehicles handle in a skiddish manner adding lots of fun. Currently 17 creatively designed levels are available to drive through but more are coming in the future with updates. All levels are uniquely designed and set in different areas and terrains, from the dessert to icy snow. The mixture keep it fresh and appealing.

The main idea behind each level is to collect up to 4 golden stars. These are obtained by collecting coins and performing stunts, overtakes of other motorists, crashes ect and this also puts up your score which can be shared with the world via Game Center. Coins are placed in very hard to get to areas the further you go through the game, such as on trains tracks which you have to dodge in sequence due to trains coming and totalling your car which loses you a possible star to obtain making it only possible to get three. The cops also play a huge role with constant shoving into your vehicle damaging you and getting you of course from obtaining the stars.

The default controls are really simple to get use to with left and right virtual on screen buttons and thats it. No accelerator, brake ect is required making it very easy to play. Different configurations for the controls are possible with an option to use the accelerometer but this clearly isn’t designed to take use of that quite well enough yet. The default controls work flawlessly though!

Graphics are cartoony and makes the whole game work very well. This wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun to play if it wasn’t for the funky physics and innocent visuals. Buildings, roads, cars ect are all designed in this cartoony way. Crashes and explosions are also consistent. The physics are crazy fun with you being able to just steer into other cars on the road and smash them off a cliff or into a building and then stunts such as jumps are also very over the top.

The audio tracks are well suited and catchy. The sound effects are very cartoony just like the visuals, with big explosions and smashes, o and not to forget constant police sirens. 

Awesome graphics, funky audio, great controls, creative level design and epic fun make this an App not to miss.