AirDrop Pro iPhone Game Review

AirDrop Pro is is based on the aid delivery service within the third world ect. So we should all know what to expect from this iPhone and iPod Touch game. 

The format of the games goes like this a plane flies in a straight line through the screen from either left to right or right to left. You have to touch the screen to release the package from the plane which has a parachute attached. You want to get that package to land on the target so you will try and release the package in a certain way so you know it will get there eventually. You also have wind playing against you but you can see which way it is blowing, so you also have to factor that in on your landing of the package on the target. If you want to see all this in action watch our gameplay video below.

The controls are very straightforward and I have described most of it already. You touch the screen to release the package from the plane and if you want to get the package to go in a slightly different direction you can tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to do so. the controls are perfectly suited to this game.

The graphics are beautiful, the developer has put together some really colorful vibrant environments and objects such as the planes and packages throughout the game. But there is nothing that complex here in terms of graphics however. 

The sound quality is good with everything sounding really high quality. The sound effects of the planes and packages dropping from the panes are really cartoony which works great with the graphics.

Overall this is a fun little addictive iPhone and iPod Touch game and for 99c it’s defiantly worth looking at, overtime the game does get more more interesting with two or three planes flying in and you have to try and land all the packages of each onto the designated targets.