HardCandy Street Skin for iPad 2 Review

The Hard Candy Street Skin for the iPad 2 is available in pink, black and white. It is is made out of TPU rubber which is shock absorbent and anti stretch. The whole exterior of the case is designed in an eye catching manner with what looks to be an outward explosion. The design is the exact same on the front and back.

The case is a folio design which is what makes it so unique. There are two hinges built into the left hand side of the TPU case which work the opening front.To open or keep the case closed two protruding bits of TPU exist on the top and bottom edges of the right hand side of the case. You latch the openings front of the case onto these protruding bits of TPU. I have to admit this is secure and keeps it closed well and truly but a magnetic system would have been more welcome here.

To get my iPad 2 into the Street Skin it took roughly 10 minutes with very red hands in the process. The corners of the case don't give much flexibility when inserting the iPad which makes it ridiculously difficult. Once it is in, it won't come out in a hurry, of course this is very much a good thing.

The functionality of the ports, buttons and camera cut outs are all spot on and are very accessible! The case doesn't cover much of the bezel either which is nice and staggering in terms of how you'd think the build of the design would make it slip of the iPad because of the thin bezel. But as I stated previously it was very difficult to get the iPad 2 into the Street Skin making it very secure when inserted. 

The protection is pretty decent. The TPU which the case is made out of is shock absorbent making mild drops and bumps a breeze for it to deal with. Plus the Street Skin covers the whole of the iPad 2 which for me makes it perfect to pop into a bag and carry around with.

Overall the Hard Candy Street Skin is a nice consideration for those who are on the go and want the protection but not the bulk. It looks pretty damn cool too. My only real gripe is the opening and closing of the folio design not using magnets, the current way of opening and closing just takes to long.