onanoff LoveBuds Earbuds Review

onanoff LoveBuds earbuds are made out of plastic and have a relatively solid construction. The cable is quite thin and coated in a hard wearing plastic.

The earbuds themselves are made out of plastic and are the one size fits all ears category of buds. They fit my ears just fine and stay in when moving around. They feel decently comfortable but added weight and rubber for comfort could be introduced.

The earbuds occupy a couple of additional features to that of just distributing sound to your ears. They have an inbuilt microphone which I tested in a call and it works great but you could use this for any App which requires a mic. Also where the microphone is located is upon a clicker which functions in the same way as the Apple Earbuds do. So you can pause and play your music without touching your device. I think onanoff could put a curve on this though so your finger has more of an idea of where it’s going, not like Apples earbuds but a curve which your finger can glide along.

A feature I really liked about these headphones was the LoveJack. This essentially allows you to share your music which your hearing via the LoveBuds with a friends pair of headphones. All they have to do is plug an extra pair of headphones into what is essentially an audio splitter and then just sit back while they are sharing your music.

The audio quality is very very good for the price range these come under they are impressive. Having quite a bit of bass and the depth and clarity is good too. These aren’t £200 earbuds quality but for only £15 you are getting some very solid sound.

Overall the onanoff LoveBuds are the earbuds/ headphones to go for if your looking within this price range. Nice sound and features like the LoveJack and incorporation of a microphone and functional clicker to control your device set it apart from the budget earbud market.