Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2 Review

The Targus Lap Lounge for the iPad 2 comes in just one color which is white, well actually it’s white on top but underneath a beige cushion is attached. The purpose behind this product is a cushion stand for your iPad to sit neatly and comfortably on your lap while also allowing you to have multiple viewing angles of the screen.

The design of the product is quite big not bulky but thats because it has a cushion attached which feels very nice in the lap, plus it’s stuffed with the same substance which is found in beanbags. The plastic top where your iPad 2 sits is made out of a very light plastic but at the same time rather tough. The cushion actually contains a compartment which you access via a zip. Here you’ll find a handle and enough space to keep things like earbuds, a sync cable or an iPhone or iPod.

Your iPad just clips into the Lap Lounge in either portrait or landscape. This ability is quite frankly awesome and makes it that much better to use. And you have full access to the 30 pin dock connector, headphone jack, microphone, rear camera, sleep and wake button, mute switch and volume rockers. The speaker placement in the plastic shell holding your iPad has built-in sound amplification which is basically a dip in the plastic where the sound bounces into and projects itself towards you resulting in louder sound. This is a very cool feature of the Targus Lap Lounge.

The shell holding your iPad is on hinges which move up and down. You have 90 degrees of positions. So you can adjust it for typing or to a movie watching position very easily and every position in-between so you can have it the way you want it. However a major flaw in all this is the fact that it’s not secure enough for interacting with the screen and this means typing is especially annoying. The shell stays in the same position but when you hit the screen it jolts and the body vibrates a little and that creates an unpleasant experience. This problem has to be sorted out as it hinders the point of the product.

Of course this isn’t a case for your iPad so you won’t be carrying it around with you everywhere so the likeliness of drops is greatly reduced but if you do happen to drop it within it should be ok considering the bottom is a cushion.

Overall this is a product I could see many owning. The ability of having something else holding your iPad so you don’t have to would definitely be what some people want. And it works well with the great functionality, useful compartment, easy to adjust viewing angles, comfortable cushion, light weight design and built-in sound amplification. But that jolt given when you touch the screen really lets it down.