Powermat for iPhone 4 (Wireless Charging) Review

Just like our previous Powermat Review the Powermat for the iPhone 4 works no differently. Although this time it’s entirely designed around the iPhone 4. 

The Powermat as you would imagine is the same size as the iPhone 4 so it can rest upon it when charging. The whole unit is covered in black matt plastic, except around the extruding edges to hold your iPhone in place which are silver. The grips to keep the Powermat in place on the surface it’s upon are excellent. I have mine on my desk which is wooden and it just doesn’t budge regardless. Overall the mat is very slim, light and stylish.

The charging works through magnetics, so you can use a Powermat case and put it onto your iPhone 4 and now you can charge your iPhone on the Powermat because the case has a receiver which interacts with the mat. 

The receiver case which goes onto your iPhone 4 is very well designed. To get your iPhone within you simply pull back the top of the case and slide the device in. This is so much better than most other case which require you to snap the top off to get your iPhone in, it allows for easy access. The volume rockers, sleep and wake button, head phone jack, rear camera are all spaciously accessible. I found the receiver case to be not all that bad in terms of protection and usability either. It’s nice and light, you can sync your iPhone when in the case with the supplied cable and it will protect against scratches and light bumps with no problems. 

I can’t exaggerate this enough, the Powermat for the iPhone 4 is just so simple, one cable goes into it for the power outlet and thats it. No switches or buttons to fiddle with you can just place your iPhone 4 within the receiver case onto the Powermat and it immediately charges. 

Charging times from a fully drained phone take around an hour to fully charge my iPhone 4.

Overall the Powermat for the iPhone 4 is a very confinement useful product. Being fully dedicated to the iPhone 4 means it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk either. It’s fast at charging, nice on the eyes, easy to use and is just a good worthwhile product.