Acase Perfectly Fit screen protectors (No Bubbles) iPhone 4 Review

On the front of the packet the screen protectors are within it claims ‘No Bubbles’ i’ve heard that one before.

So here is my experience with screen protectors in the past. 

1: Put them on the device.

2: Cant get them onto the device neatly.

3: It’s now on neatly after 10 minutes and now it’s all creased better use the other one.

4: The other one is on.

5: I try and get the bubbles out with the supplied card.

6: The bubbles won’t come out.

7: It’s good enough.

8: Next day I remove it and wonder why I bothered.

Applying the screen protector is exactly the same as all the other instructions with the units. However it actually went on nice and neatly because it covered the whole surface which makes it a lot easier to apply. There were two giant bubbles under the protector and I thought if I touch one it will turn into many bubbles and be like every other screen protector had previously used.

Moved the bubble to the side of the protector and it went. It didn’t turn into multiple bubbles it just went. So the protector must be stuck down pretty well. This is honestly the best experience I have ever had with a screen protector. Now time to use it.

You have to get your finger grease over it a bit so you don’t notice that your not directly touching the glass above the screen. I used it for a full days use and it wasn’t coming of around the edges or doing anything like that at all. Day 2 I realised that I have protectors for the back of the iPhone 4 as well and applied that. It went on perfectly just like the previous protector for the front of the device.

Day 3 and it was still completely fine. By day 4 I noticed a little wear around the top right edge on the back protector. This may have been down to taking the device in and out a tight case however. I kept on fiddling with the protector which didn’t help either and eventually removed it and applied another to the back.

I noticed that when cleaning the iPhone with a cloth it wipes of dirt and smudges just like it was on the screen. Which I know isn't the case with other screen protectors for the iPhone as many people have told me so. Also after 5 days of using it you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was applied to the device or not.

Overall I was very very happy with the ‘Acase Perfectly Fit’ iPhone 4 screen protectors. They are the best screen protectors (well I say screen protectors but they cover the back as well) I have ever used and are very very cheap at only $2.49. If you want screen protectors go with these and you get 3 protectors for the screen and 3 for the back plus a cleaning cloth which is unheard for for that price and they are much much better than the more expensive offerings.