Acase Vintage Leather Case for iPad Review

We have seen many products from AE Tech in the coming weeks but mainly products for the iPhone. Today I have a review of AE Tech’s iPad Case ‘The Vintage Leather’, lets see what it’s all about shall we.

I was impressed with AE Tech’s ‘Superleggera Fit Case’ for the iPhone 4 so this will be truly interesting. The design of the case is very nice and similar to the portfolio style of many other iPad cases. The thing that really stood out was the fact that the case didn’t smell all chemically when first opened this is because it is made of real leather unlike most iPad cases due to cost.This has it’s good and bad points, the first one is that real leather sweats and this is no exception when it’s really hot this thing conducts a vast amount of heat which doesn’t happen with fake leather. You also kill a cow somewhere along the line which is never good. The positives things about this are that it will out last most fake leather cases. The plastics ones just wear away at some point and are easier damaged and cut. This case is going to be hard to cut and damage due to it being real lather and I know a lot of you out there love real leather cases because of this.

The exterior is padded well and hasn’t flattened out with my two weeks of constant use. The front of the case has no real design elements except for the leather textures. On the back it’s identical to the front with the exception of this nice little piece of stripy elastic, I originally thought this was for designs purposes only but I later found some real uses for it. You could wrap the other side of the case around when using your iPad but the one use I thought of which I think many may adopt is you could strap this around a car seat head for watching TV Shows and movies. 

This doesn’t use velcro or magnets for entrance instead it uses a button keeping that vintage feel alive. I have to say that the button was a bit of a nuisance at first but I just got used to it and it then became second nature. On the inside we are greeted with a nice swade finish all over which is fantastic becuase it doesn’t scratch the iPad when going in and out. To hold your iPad in, the case has two elastic straps which you put over the left hand side of the iPad and the rest of the iPad is tucked into a piece of extruding leather on the right. Because of the elastic the iPad is held in really well and tightly which is always a good thing, there is no chance of your iPad falling out whatever you try to do with it.

Another nice feature is the built in stand. We’ve seen this on some other iPad cases and it’s excelled here. Inside the case on the left there is a surrey of four stoppers which you can tuck the right hand side of the case into and then your iPad is standing up. The four different stoppers offer great angles and with the weight of the iPad in the case you can type away without worrying whether it will fall back onto another stopper.

The functionality is also great you have access to the 30pin dock connector and speaker, you have access to the sleep and wake button and also you have access to the volume rockers. So you can use all the exterior functions of the iPad while in the case which is good and it does the job well.

Overall I was really impressed with this case. It looks great, the functionality is all here and it will protect your iPad from most drops because of the fantastic build. It’s one of the best iPad cases of the portfolio/ book style you can buy. The price isn’t too bad considering all your getting but if the price of $32.99 puts you of, AE tech offer some other iPad cases at lower prices but they don’t all have the functionality of this but they do come in some different colors.