Acase Aegis Power External Battery Case for iPhone 4 Review

We’ve seen a few on the go battery charging solutions for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the past and the need for those is becoming less and less due to better and better battery life in each new iDevice. So the way I see it is the on the go battery that will last out amongst the consumer has to be the cases with inbuilt batteries. Some may like the battery packs for travel purposes but for the average day person this is the only real purchase they will consider.

The Acase Aegis Power Battery Case for the iPhone 4 is very similar in appearance to the ‘Superleggera’ but the plastic on this case feels and looks at a much better quality. It’s very thick and that is to be expected with a battery in-between the back and front plastic. To be honest you wouldn’t really notice the battery bulk at all, there are many cases on the market that measure a lot thicker than this and they’re just cases, nothing more. If you drop this will won’t it break? Well then buy a case for the case, no i’m just kidding, the ‘Aeigis’ is very sturdy and the build is good. I have dropped it a few times now and it remans to work along with my iPhone but this is a great case for pocket use really.

It comes in just one color which is disappointing compared to the ‘Supperleggera’ which comes in every color imaginable. It’s only color is black and the finish on the case is matt, however they have put that coating which is found on the ‘Supperleggera’ that prevents finger prints but also gives amazing grip which is highly welcomed. The functions of the case are all what we have come to expect, you have the volume rocker cut out on the right hand side, up top the case has two holes cut out for an audio jack and the sleep and wake button and on the back we see a camera hole. The only thing missing which you see on the ‘Supperleggera’ is the sim card slot. Something which is quite rare to see in the case world, it can be very useful but maybe the sides of this case hold wires ect. On the bottom they have included two speakers holes/ vents for better clarity and on the back is an on and off button and placed alongside that are four blue LED lights indicating how much battery is left.

Now lets talk about battery life of the ‘Aegis’. Firstly to get your iPhone 4 inside the case you will need to remove the top of it by gently tugging it so you can slide the iPhone in and onto the 30 pin connector at the bottom and I have a major complaint regarding this. It came of nicely the first few times I took my iPhone in and out but on the round about tenth time of taking this of it broke. Well I say broke there are little dimples at the end of the removable piece which clip into the other half. One of the dimples snapped of and i’m not surprised they’re not very big at all. Now one side of my case sticks out ever so much, a major downside indeed.

Let’s really talk battery life, I have no idea what AE Tech claim this can do but from my results it lasts:

Talk Time 3G: 6hrs

3G Internet: 4hrs

Hardcore gaming: 3hrs

On average use you will get about 6hrs out of this.

Pretty decent and nearly doubles the iPhones battery if you have the case attached. Most people find that the iPhone 4 lasts them a full day just fine but it can never harm you to have to much battery power. Say you are low on juice and you have no way to charge it, we’ve all been there, it’s not nice! This is a huge relief.

Overall the case fits and feels nicely in the hand and pocket. It retails for $49.99 which is a little pricey for just a case to some but this is quite good value for what you get. You also have an iPhone 4 screen protector included and I love these screen protectors (if you have to use one this is the way to go when protecting your screen). If the choice in color was better it would attract a lot more people to the case and I think AE Tech must realise this with the popularity of the ‘Superleggera’. So if you would like a good quality case and extra battery life for your iPhone 4 this might be for you it you like the shape but don’t care about battery life go with the ‘Superleggera’.