Talking Larry the Bird iPhone Review

Outfit7 have released yet another interactive animal App. This time it’s called Talking Larry the Bird and if your familiar with these talking animal App’s already you should know what to expect but if you don’t I will have to inform you.

When you first open the App you will find Larry the bird happily sitting on his branch. We can now interact with him by playing a virtual piano, with each note played being mimicked out Larry’s mouth as a tweet. You can also talk into your iPhone or iPad microphone and Larry will repeat what is inputed to his own birdy language which is very amusing. 

You can also feed Larry, make him get struck by lightning and oddly enough make him take a round of a applause. You can also touch Larry in his stomach and down to make him jump up into the air with anger and to make him do a 360 spin on his tree branch you just punch him the face with your finger, NICE. After you have finished with all that you can record a 30 second video with in the App and upload it to YouTube.

From children all the way up to people who are 60+ years of age seem to adore the ‘Talking’ series of Apps. they are very very simple but as we all say the simple ones are the best. However there is a major downside for iPod Touch users as you don’t have an inbuilt microphone which is a huge chunk of this App gone. All third generation iPod Touch’s come with inbuilt mic’s on the headphones so you can use the App that way but the experience isn't as good.

Overall Talking Larry the Bird is fantastic App to show your iPhone or iPad of to someone. It will keep you amused for a while and it will wear of but you may come back to it in a week to a months time and become amused by it all over again but you may not want to pay $1.99 for something to keep you amused for a short period of time. I highly recommend for young children on the iPad though.