Aqua Moto Racing 2 iPhone Game Review

Aqua Moto Racing 2 is obviously the sequel to Aqua Moto Racing 1 the Jet Ski racer for the iPhone and iPod Touch which debuted last year. Obviously Aqua Moto Racing and the Jet Ski racer genre in general owes everything to Nintendo which created Wave Race 64 that had great visuals and really really fun gameplay.

Racing on water instead of tarmac is a huge refreshing change for iPhone and iPad racers and very enjoyable at that. The game is setup just like any other racer with first past the line wins mechanics which is good as gameplay is very mixed with ramps to perform stunts on and you also earn cash to buy better Jet Skis so you thrash everyone on the 6 cups.

The controls are very straightforward with auto accelerate turned on as standard but I found the virtual steering wheel that was also set as standard controls great and everything but the accelerometer is actually a lot better and makes the game a lot more enjoyable also. I can see why they decided not to enable the tilt controls as default seeing other racers and games hit the iPhone and iPad and be completely destroyed by the users because they hated the controls but these are really well done and I feel that should have shown them of.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful and I get a huge splash of nostalgia from Wave Race 64. Everything looks like the perfect summer destination with the sun lighting the whole sky a crisp blue and the tress and bushes are all designed really well with great textures and lighting effects. And not to forget the wonderful sea which twinkles from all directions.

The physics are much improved from the first game with it not feeling so unfair when you hit another racer and fly of your Jet Ski. When speeding over waves it’s a lot more precise now and manoeuvring overall is just all round more realistic making it a better game, this really is a hugely improved sequel and the first version wasn't bad neither. 

The sound quality from splashes, bumps, jumps and all the way up to quietly drifting is done to a better quality to that of Wave Race 64 and i’m not kidding. You can tell that a heck of lot time was put into recording and making the audio perfect. I find sound to be one of the big things that gets me into a game, if it’s not right my whole experience can be ruined and it defiantly wasn’t with Aqua Moto Racing 2.

Overall I would not hesitate to recommend Aqua Moto Racing 2. It’s one of the best racers on the App Store and bar none the best jet Ski racer or any racer set on water for that matter.