The Magic Labyrinth iPhone Game Review

The Magic Labyrinth was originally a board game. It was actually chosen as ‘best children's board game of 2009’ in Germany. But now it’s made it’s way onto the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and soon to be on the iPad.

The Magic Labyrinth is a very good brain training game/ puzzle game rapped into one. To play you basically have to control a character on screen through a labyrinth to collect symbols but on the way to the symbols you will bump into invisible walls which you need to remember where placed because after you bump into them they stay invisible. Bumping into the wall takes you back to your staring point on he Labyrinth, so you have to be very careful and have a good memory.

There are two modes you can choose to play in the first being called ‘Watch Out’ where you collect as many symbols as possible but if you bump into more walls than ten its game over. The other mode is called ‘hurry Up’ where you need to collect as many symbols as possible in the given time. So in this mode it doesn’t matter so much if you bump into walls although it will decrease the amount of symbols you'd collect due to lost time. 

To add more into the mix you can also choose to have a fish swim around the labyrinth and if you bump into one and another it will be back to your starting point for you. There are also three different difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard.

The controls are very straightforward you tap the square you would like your character to walk into and thats it for the controls. 

The graphics are very average. There isn’t really anything here to brag about if you will. You can’t customise the look of the labyrinth board which I think would have been a nice feature and the side bar displaying the symbols found and clock ect is too big and takes up to much real estate on the screen. It would be nice to have the option of a pull down bar to display this information.

The music track in the background of the game suits it very well. But the effects of bumping into walls and finding symbols are just not that great in terms of quality. I think there should be a few different sounds for these events in the game so our ears don’t get bored.

Overall I found that ‘The Magic Labyrinth’ really was good for the memory of our brains and was quite satisfying when you know you have some of the walls sussed and you can just walk straight past and grab a symbol. But there are many improvements that I am sure will come over time with updates. The price seems a tad bit bit over what I would like but it may also drop with time.