Bowmaster iPhone Game Review

Bowmaster is yet another archery/bow title to hit the App Store but this time it's a complete package. The objective of Bowmaster is to compete against opponents within the wilderness shooting at targets to score a higher amount of points than your them

The controls are simple you pinch with two fingers on the bow to draw the arrow back and you get a lot of precision from this unlike many other similar games of this type on the iOS App Store. Then let go to fire, it really is that simple. To turn your view point, tilt the iPhone left and right. It's a very natural input method.

You score points from hitting the animal like targets which move around the terrain. The further away they are the more points scored from hitting them, due to the increased need of skill. As you travel through the game each opponent gets harder and the game also brings in wind directions so you have to be really accurate and considerate when firing your arrows. 

The graphics are very nice to look at with vibrant green terrains and trees. All along with the beautiful snowy environments. The bow is notably well modeled and animated when an arrow is being pulled back. Once the arrow leaves the bow, an in game camera will trail a closeup feed of the action. The developer has done a great job with the graphics all round.

The sound track is inkeeping and suits the game down to the ground. The effects of pulling your arrow back to it hitting a target is all very crisp and done to a great standard.

Overall Bowmaster is great value for just 99c/ 59p and is one of those titles that you can show your friends, due to it's unique charm. Most importantly it's very enjoyable to play and is definitely the best bow and arrow type shooter on the App Store right now.