Talking Santa for iPhone and iPad Review

Talking Santa for the iPhone and iPad is yet another instalment in the ‘Talking’ series from Outfit7 this time with a little festive sprinkling.

When you first open the App you will see Santa fall from the sky onto the ground with his sack of presents accompanying him. He gets up of the ground and awaits your interaction. To interact with santa you can tickle his belly to make him laugh, feed him milk and cookies and make him give you a present.

All the above are nice things which Santa likes but what about the naughty things he doesn’t like. Well you can punch and slap Santa in the face with your finger and have a giant snowball run him over which results in Santa grabbing a present from within his bag and stamping on it. All the animation and interaction with your fingers is done remarkably well.

Of course you can talk to Santa via your inbuilt microphone on an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. If you own an iPod touch without a microphone it also works with the Apple headphones which have an inbuilt mic. So you speak into the microphone and Santa repeats it with his very deep voice. It works pretty well but I found speaking in a deeper voice has much better results.

When Santa’s speaking and performing all of his other interactions you can actually record him for about 40 seconds. Once you've finished recording you can upload that clip to YouTube or send it to one of your friends via email. You can also send postcards through email or MMS which will get some laughs to who ever receives them.

Overall Talking Santa is perfect for children and adults alike, ridiculously easy to use, entertaining and just a great App to get out each Christmas.