Parcel Panic - Post Car Racer 3D iPhone Game Review

Imagine Crazy Taxi on the iPhone, well Parcel Panic is the closest you're going get.

You the player drive a pickup truck through a quaint village retrieving boxes of goods and delivering them to a select destinations. Yes it sounds very dodgy but I like to think the boxes are full of iPhone 4’s so we can all have one on launch day.

You are of course frantically driving around against a clock that is playing against you, so you'll need to keep a sharp eye on the green line on the map leading to where your delivery destination or pick up is. Occasionally you will ignore the routed green line and drive of hill tops and cliffs as a method of shortcut to rack up more points. But when performing these jumps the wind and gravity is not in your favour and some boxes may fall out the back of the truck.

If you rack up enough points in one of the four stages, you will progress to the next stage. Unlocking a much faster and improved truck. With a faster and more agile truck comes more intense delivery and pick up routes, The village the game is set in, is the only setting. It's a relatively big village, with plenty of varied terrains to drive on.

To drive the truck you press the simple and easy to use on screen gas and break pedals. Then to steer you use the accelerometer which is again spot on and moves the on screen feed as you rotate the device.

The graphics are stunning with rich terrains and the lighting effects. Shadows appear in a lot of fine detail on the truck as you go under trees ect. The game doesn’t lag at all and I was playing it on a 3GS for the most part but also tried it out on a second Gen iPod Touch and it runs equally well. Some of the best graphics I've ever seen from the App Store.

The sound of the gas as you increase speed is executed well and other sound effects like the seagulls and wind give the environment around you a really nice liad back feel.

I really enjoyed Parcel Panic. Essentially this is a modified Crazy Taxi, with the inclusion of parcel delivering, but it's a very enjoyable game mechanic. I recommend for 99c/ 69p.