Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm iPhone and iPad Game Review

Set in a futuristic apocalypse. Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm might just be the next best arcade racer on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The career plays across a month of 31 days. Each day may have one event or might go all the way up to ten. Within these events you can race across ten different environments such as desert, dirt, forest, seaside ect.  Plus twelve cars are also packed into the mix each having a very different racing style/ feel. Sometimes for the dirt tracks you’re going to want to pick a buggy due to the grip so you can drift and land those jumps with great some suspension, pick a banger and you’ll be going around in circles. This element of choice really adds to the games experience and enjoyment. 

Tracks are very well designed with sharp narrow corners and buildings that have half fallen over to get in your way. There is a racing line giving you a direction in the way to go but you can break of that and discover your own routes which speed you up such as underground car parks and bypass’s.

The controls are very basic which is always good for an arcade racer. To accelerate you touch the right hand side of the screen plus you can move your finger around the right hand side and the virtual accelerator follows your finger, I thought that was pretty neat. To steer Uber Racer you use the accelerometer, I had absolutely no trouble with the controls. 

Graphically the game is very impressive. The element I noticed about the graphics when first playing Uber Racer was the lighting effects. Racing around a corner and suddenly i’m blinded with an apocalyptic sun but these lighting effects really help make the graphics look top notch. Textures, shadows and colors are also very good and give the correct feel. Physics are over the top and unrealistic but thats fantastic for an arcade racer. Landing the cars over bumps and smashing into other cars and obstacles is so much fun to do and to see with the superb damage system implemented.

The music tracks used give the game an epic fast paced feel. The sound effects for the cars engines are very bold, it’s a joy to hear then accelerate and backfire. But Mad Processor Games have implemented 3D sound. This worked really well for me using headphones and it basically gives you a feel of where the vehicles are positioned on the track whether there behind you or in front. It works very very well and represented where the vehicles are perfectly.

Overall Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm is an absolute superb arcade racer for the iPhone and iPad. With a huge variety of tracks and vehicles, great graphics and epic sound this is a must for arcade racing fans.