Dam Buster iPhone Game Review

Cartoony, fun and addictive war themed game? That's right it's another Cobra Mobile title for the App Store, this time called Dam Buster.

Dam Buster is what the title describes where you bust dams. You the player fly a plane through the air using a mini game styled accelerator (which is well done) to dodge enemy planes, bullets and missiles. On your journey of dodging you can also collect fuel tanks for a speed boost. If you do hit enemy fire ect it only decreases your speed.

The flying part is the first section of a mission the next is gathering enough speed and angle for your bouncing bomb to reach the dam over the water. You spin the bomb anti clockwise with your finger to generate a lot of speed and then once your happy with how much speed you have you choose the direction just like in the picture.

The next part is pure luck, the bomb just bounces randomly on it's journey and you can’t help it on its way. What does help though, are random floating ducks which if your bomb touches in any way it will quickly release you into the air sending the bomb forward very fast. 

I have to say that this part of the game where the is totally out of your control is very boring because the player has no way of interacting with the game. Each mission is the same pretty much. If it was structured more like iBomber where we could have a story running alongside the game and the choice to do previous missions and save our progress it would be a whole lot better. 

The graphics are beautiful, with rich cartoony detail something I really like across all of Cobra's games. The style they achieve really appeals to me.

The sound track is fantastic and really feels like something that would be played within an old war film. I thought that it was the same theme tune that was in the original Dam Buster movie but I was mistaken. The sound effects of the bouncing bomb hitting the water are also really well done and the ambience is top notch too.

Overall I would recommend this title if it had an update allowing more control and better save file management, instead of having to play the game from scratch. It is very cheap for just 99c but compared to many other available Apps this offers mere content for the sum handed over.