Marble Multiball - The Castle Adventure iPhone Game Review

You can’t help but feel that Marble Multiball - The Castle Adventure is inspired by Labyrinth on the App Store. But why not have a crack at that genre, it's proven to be very popular amongst iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

The main idea of the game is to tilt your iPhone like a Labyrinth and in result get a ball where it needs to go, usually down a whole. As you have most probably guessed the ‘Multiball’ within the games title represents the main theme whereby instead of controlling just one ball like in most the games of this genre you control multiple balls, the amount quickly increases as the player progresses through the 42 levels.

Getting 7 balls into a separate hole is seriously challenging and every degree of accuracy counts. The levels are very varied with one level needing you to get your balls into colour coded whole representing the balls colour (i’m saying balls a lot in this review) and another where you need to get your ball into it’s hole while guiding it through a maze to find it before the time runs out on the clock.

The controls are ultra precise and finely tuned for both the iPhone and iPad. Every movement you make with the device is then put into action and represented on screen. It’s was like real balls were underneath my screen. This is due to the fantastic physics engine Mad Processor Games have created and incorporated.

The graphics are themed as if they were within a castle, hence the title of the game. The gothic look is pulled off well and all, but I felt a tad lonely while playing it unlike Labyrinth on the App Store. But that's deliberate. 

The sound effects are also gothic/ spooky with ambient noises adding to the overall atmosphere. The sound effects from rolling the ball, to getting it into a hole, even to when the level is complete. All build upon the theme of the game.

Overall your 99c pays for quite a bit of content here. Fans of Labyrinth might find the spin added from this release very enjoyable.