The Infinity Project iPhone Game Review

The First Person Shooter, The Infinity Project. Hit the the App Store on the 15th of December last year and just last week it received a huge make over and I mean huge. It's now practically a different game.


The Infinity Project is yet another take on the FPS genre and resembles a lot within gameplay to that of N.O.V.A. The story goes as this The year is 2248, Earth is at war with the Talon’s, an extremely aggressive and unknown race that attacked Earth without provocation. As Commander Ethan Avery, you’re sent to Infinity Station, a research and development facility located in deep space currently developing controversial technologies. Earth has lost contact with the Top Secret station and sends you to investigate. Explore the station to find keys that unlock the next area of the station. Unlock the mystery behind The Infinity Project

Yes the plot has been done many times before, but here it doesn't get in the way and is very easy to follow. The setting of the game within the Infinity Station adds a huge amount of puzzle action into the dough. 

The exploration is fantastic and you will find yourself unlocking a huge amount of doors by completing various mind challenges by collecting various keys, that unlock a drawers revealing a card with a code on it allowing you to unlock another door (very Doom like, I know). I like these kinds of characteristics in video games such as Zelda and once you find an item you have been searching ages for, it's exceptionally satisfying.

Many enemies, including boss you'll need to kill along the adventure and are honestly their very challenging. I died many many times during the first boss battle because of the way the developers laid out the room with various obstacles scattered about the place to slow you down and block direction. Then an enemy which takes an enormous amount of rounds of bullets to kill all in a confined space, definitely isn't in any way playing in your favour. And I like it!

The controls are straight forward with a virtual analogue stick in the bottom left hand corner to move your player in the direction you want to go in and a fire button on the opposite side. To operate your camera angle, simply swipe your finger across the screen to where you want your view point to be.

One of the very bad aspects of the game before the major 2.0 update, was sound. This has definitely been improved with nice ambient noises when strolling around. Plus guns and enemies sound effects have also seen a lift of hugher quality.

Graphics within the older version of the game were lacking and this is the focus change within 2.0. They are fantastic this time around and are very comparable to N.O.V.A’s. The lighting and particle effects within The Infinity Project look stunning and the movement of your character when running around and shooting has no lag what so ever. The environments are all jaw dropping but the constant array of corridors gets a bit repetitive even if they do look pretty.

Overall I would highly recommend The Infinity Project to anyone who enjoyed N.O.V.A and I definitely recommend it to the hardcore crowd on the iPhone and iPod Touch, as it's seriously challenging and well worth $3.99.