Dexim Super Juice Power Case for the iPhone 4 Review

The Dexim Super Juice Power Case for the iPhone 4 is yet another case with an inbuilt battery, so will it be better than what we’ve seen so far?

The case is glossy white and made out of a thick hard plastic. The material on the exterior of the case is exactly the same throughout. There are cut outs for the iPhone’s rear camera and for the headphone jack, sleep button and volume rockers. The cut outs are all inline which is good because sometimes the machining leaves buttons slightly offset on some cases of this nature. The back of the case also hosts LED indicators which tell you how much juice is left.

To get the iPhone 4 inside you pull the top of the case out on it’s mechanism which allows you to flap it down then insert your iPhone and then pop it back up and on. This is much much better compared to other cases like this and works superbly, genius!

The case is very bulky in the hand though which is definitely a downside. This is of course due to the battery being built in. I found using the iPhone within good though and the fact the Super Juice doesn’t cover the bezel at all is a huge plus. Another unique feature this brings to the table is a stand, whereby you can pull out a piece of silver plastic from the back of the case which props it up so you can watch movies and TV Shows while in the case at a very nice angle indeed.

Where protection is concerned this is so bulky in will protect against most drops and bumps. But if the battery survives this is another question? Pocket use with this isn’t perfect due to the bulk but will defiantly prevent scratches ect very well. One thing this case defiantly is would be protective.

So how long is the battery life? I got around 8 extra hours from it when gaming. 38 hours of music playback. This is all due to the superb 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery built in. To charge the Super Juice you plug a micro USB cable into the bottom of it and then plug the other end of the cable into your computer. You can also sync your iPhone 4 when in the case using the cable. I found the case took a ridiculously long time to charge nearing to 2-3 hours for a full charge.

Overall the Super Juice has a nice white design but is just to bulky for me. It’s more of a case which i’ll get out and use if my iPhone 4 is low on battery than a case my iPhone will be in all the time. Hopefully in the future we will see cases which are so thin and have no bulk you wouldn’t know there was battery inside. It’s defiantly the best battery case we have used yet for the iPhone 4, with great features like the stand, mechanical top piece. So if your in the need of a battery case this is what we’d recommend.