iBomber Defense iPhone Game Review

As many of you will know the folks here at Slinky Studio loved the previous iBomber titles so to hear we were receiving a spin off for the series within the App Store leaved us all very excited.

If you have ever played iBomber you will know you take the role of flying a plane with a birds eye view of the ground below which you bomb. Now in iBomber Defense you play the reversed role whereby you place the turrets and anti air units on the terrains to blast the planes, vehicles and boats into non existence. Essentially this is a tower defense game.

The main campaign consists of 22 levels with waves consisting from 20-40 in each which take place across North Africa, Russia and Europe. Levels all take place on different terrains which makes you really think strategically. Some levels take place on very high ground, some on very low and then there is the variety of enemies which will be presented in each wave to take into account which makes you completely rethink your strategy each time. So plotting your towers and defences really needs a hard think about. All this keeps the game fresh and interesting.

Enemies from planes, to ground units and boats will attack your defences which means the money you earn from destroying the enemy will have to go into repairing your towers ect otherwise they’ll come crumbling down. Of course just like all tower defense games you can upgrade all of your defense with money as well. All this is pointless if you let too many enemies into your base because it’s game over however it’s not always game over. iBomber Defense has a very cool feature dubbed as ‘rewind’ giving you the ability to essentially go back in time within the game which then allows you to tighten up your defense before doing those waves again. This is a feature that has seriously helped me out when I thought I was on the brink of doom.

The controls are very simple. To build a defense you just tap on it with your finger at the bottom of the screen and drag it out onto the terrain and place where ever you want. The defenses available aren't as many as we have seen in some tower defense games but none the less they are all very tightly done. Such as Machine gun towers, Cannons, AOE, anti-vehicle, AA launch (anti air), Sabotage towers ect. To upgrade you again tap on a tower and you have the ability to upgrade it if you have enough cash. The controls are very simple allowing the game to played at ease.

The graphics are very brightly cartoony like with all iBomber titles. I love the bright block colors it gives the game a really fun feel to it. Terrains are very different in appearance depending on the destination such as Russia and Europe whereby some terrains featured in levels will be dessert based and some will be based upon the sea meaning a more planes and boats. Enemies are very well designed and the physics are the best we’ve seen in any tower defense game for the iPhone and iPad.

In terms of sound quality weapons all sound very rich and same goes for the explosions ect of the enemies. The iBomber sound track is also here which is always a good thing but there really isn’t much with sound you can do in a tower defense game.

 Overall iBomber Defense is our favourite tower defense game on the iPhone and iPad. With 22 action packed levels, easy controls, crisp graphics and some serious strategic thinking it’s a great addictive game to play this holiday.