Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad (Laser-Etched Eywa Tree) Review

The Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad (Laser-Etched Eywa Tree) for iPad is of course manufactured out of the material silicone. It’s also very very flexible as the name of the product would also suggest, you could bend this sucker into a ball and allow your cat to play with it (probably not what Dexim originally intended the use of the case for though).

Inside the box you also receive a screen protector, cleaning cloth and squeegee-card. Which are always welcome additions.

The sleeve comes in five colors which are black, purple, red, green and blue. I have my favourite color red. On the back of each we see these laser-Etched Eywa Trees which are translucent allowing the back of your iPad to be seen through he transparency. This gives a very cool effect and is going to make your iPad stand out even more amongst a crowd.

All the functionality you could want is here. A cut out for the audio jack is on top of the sleeve, on the right hand side the volume rockers and mute switch are all cut out, the bottom leaves room for the speaker and 30 pin dock connector port. Everything was very accessible and worked well within the Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve.

So what about protection and day to day use? The sleeve is only going to protect against light bumps, mild drops and scrapes due to it’s tough yet thin silicone. It’s light and adds little bulk to the iPad. Also feels very very comfortable in the hand but when you constantly use the iPad within the sleeve for an hour plus your hands become very sweaty. This is a huge downer on the sleeve for me, especially when it fits my hands so well and the material keeps a firm grip in your lap exceptionally well also.

Overall the Dexim Flexible Silicone Sleeve for iPad is stylish, very comfortable, has great functionality, protects against mild bumps/drops and against scrapes/scratches. The real let down is the amount it makes your hands sweat.