The Package iPhone Game Review

The Package is a 3D puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You are put into a sorting house where you need to figure out how you get a package to the delivery shoot. 

You have various widgets in the game which are essentially tools for helping you to get that package to where it needs to go. You have widgets like ramps, wind turbines, spring loaded boxing gloves ect. You use all these tools in anyway you want so you can get the package to it’s destination. The developers have built in some form of routes, they have miniature floating gold boxes within the air and if you allow your package to follow those you will reach your destination plus rank up some extra points.

The controls are very simple you use your finger for all functions. You select widgets with your finger you move them around on the screen by dragging your finger. To get a better more up close view on things you pinch to zoom in and pinch outwards to zoom out. The whole interface was very seamless and easy to use.

The graphics are beautiful, the textures are all very high and the detail within the various puzzle environments is fantastic. The way the dark colors are used really gives the feel of an old well used sorting house. The animations and physics of the box and widgets is also very impressive everything works goes the way you’d expect it to.

The background theme tune gets a little repetitive after a while. However the games inbuilt sound effects for the widgets all sound top notch. The clarity is great and the package sounds very rustic when dropped, the sound effects also have a comical side like when you complete a puzzle some trumpets start playing.

Overall The Package is a very fun and a highly addictive game. It’s visually nice to play also however the price lets it down with it being $1.99/ £1.19 I think if it was 99c and 59p the game would be a lot more popular.