Cyber Acoustics Digital Docking Speaker (CA-492) for iPhone and iPod Review

The Cyber Acoustics Digital Docking Speaker is yet another iPod dock so is it any good?

When you first greet the dock you’ll notice that a lot of effort has been put into the minimal design. It looks great amongst an Apple product with it’s sleek curves around the edges and back. The back is coated in a plastic like most of the dock however the back is glossy and the front silver trims are matt. The plastic is not cheap it’s defiantly a high grade helping the overall dock feel secure. The speakers are hidden underneath black cloth on the front also helping to keep a consistent design.

To function the dock you have an on and off switch around the lower back next to that is placed an audio jack input plus an AC input. On the top left of the dock you have a standby button and on the opposing side you have two volume rockers. The buttons blend right in and don’t extrude out of the casing which I like. This dock makes you place your iPod or iPhone in the bottom front. This is typical with most docks and works quite well here because of it’s compact design. The 30 pin input is adjustable so you can place pretty much every iPod and iPhone within it, whether all of them will work is another question.

On the back of the dock you have a compartment for placing six AA batteries so you can use the speaker on the go, something I am quite keen to do but I haven't gotten round to it yet. The actual speaker quality is exceptional, the bass is there something most of you will know I am quite partial to in my speakers. You also have sound with a lot of clarity, it’s a phenomenal and the price is amazing at being just $85 because docks placed around this price usually are quite frankly awful. The sound gets very very loud and is plenty for a work place, bedroom or kitchen.

Overall this is an excellent speaker the best in it’s class, you will have to pay a lot more money for an iPod Dock at this level of sound quality. The tight integration with the iPod and iPhone is also fantastic plus the design is great too and fit’s most environments.