Beyond Ynth iPhone Game Review

Beyond the Ynth may look harmless from the screenshots below but it dominated my time more so than Angry Birds on my iPhone.

You take the roll of a bug pushing against the walls in a box making it tip over so you can travel through it’s maze like insides. You may sometimes need to go outside your box into the natural environment which is a tricky element because some environments inflict instant death whereas some may slowly kill you if you stay outside for too long. If you do die you will have to restart that particular level all over again. The goal is to find find gems which is the backstory that powers the game. The basic concept is to get from one side of the screen to the other with some gems. Each level is uniquely designed and in essence this is a puzzle platfromer but the way this game evolves you is all down to design of the levels and it kind of makes it hard to really believe your playing a platfromer (it’s very odd but once you play it you’ll know what I mean).

There are many environments in the Beyond Ynth but I won’t spoil it so i’ll just touch on a few. The developers have put so much trouble and different thoughts and ideas into each environment and the snowy one is a great example. One level based in the snow you have to roll a box up an iced slope and if you leave the box half way up the slope sitting still it will roll back down. Little touches like that impress me and show the thought has been put in. When in the spring environment we can get the box to tilt one way and not let it land gradually, resulting in a big thud to the ground which creates acorns to fall out of trees. You can use the acorns to your advantage also.

The controls are very simple you have virtual on screen buttons. They float on the left and  right sides of the screen making them easily accessible. There are a total of four buttons two on opposing sides moving the bug left and right and two below also on opposing sides which make the bug jump left and right. this control set up was perfect and made the gameplay very natural.

The graphics are gorgeous with rich textures and crisp animation. Everything is perfect in every level, I really can’t fault anything regarding the graphics. Even the menu is done really well.

The sound is absolutely amazing. The music tracks within this game are possibly some of my favourite within any game ever. The first levels you begin to play through have my favourite tune within the whole game and the rest within other levels are fantastic too. I didn’t find one bit of background music that wasn’t good which is rarity within so many games I have played on the iPhone and iPad which I have to mute the music on because.

Overall this is a must have for anyone who likes a good challenge. It’s a game you can play on the go and one where you can sit down for hours playing and not get bored. The amount of great ideas that went into this game is staggering and it’s topped of with great music and graphics.