Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2015!

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2015 Graphic

Zippy eBikes, geeky kitchen tools, novelty iPhone cases and tents that look like hardback books. Yep, it’s that time of the year again, where we’ve lassoed not only gift ideas for your ultimate Christmas under tree filling, but enough to cram your entire living room with awesome products to entertain your Christmas holiday, or even your entire 2016!

Mountains of fun for outdoor crisp winter morning electrical powered cycling. Raw throttled power and unassisted speeds of over 20mph+ mean we’ve never had more fun on two wheels. Our full review:


Forget manually cleaning your crumbs from Christmas nibbles and instead let the best robotic cleaner we’ve tested, that truly understands rooms and their obstacles, do all the dirty work! Our full review:

Sonos Play:1 Speaker (Starter Pack £338)

Employ the dual Sonos Play:1 speaker starter pack to get everyone into the Christmas spirit with enormously rich room-filling Hi-Fi sound. And a wireless ecosystem that doesn't stutter or fail to compare on a like for like basis with any home wired interface. Our full review:


If someone you know is getting a new iPhone then this British designed novelty case that stops EarPods from tangling could be the perfect stocking filler. It stores Apple EarPods alongside an iPhone with a retractable cable mechanism. Our full review:

Cutting down your own Christmas tree has never been so easy! First time chainsaw users will find this powerful cordless chainsaw effortless and friendly to use. Our full review:

Who said unlimited refills? Make authentic fizzy drinks for friends and family this Christmas with the all new SodaStream Power - with all the best features of SodaStream inventiveness, like automated fizz levels and snap lock bottles, collated into one handsome release. Our full review:

Artisan fudge, jam, biscuits, chocolate and a speciality red wine. This uniquely tasty and non-gimmicky flavoursome bundle of Christmas treats, dressed in a luxury wicker hamper, is a thoughtful gift. Our full review:

You’ll never lose your tent at a festival again! Plus these entirely original tents sport a practical interior design for pleasurable airy sleeping and plenty of storage space to boot. Our full review:

This charmingly reimagined super lightweight (14.25kg) eBike is designed to look like a familiar pushbike. With a respectable 10 miles of range from each battery it’s a perfect and sensible commuter. Our full review:

This particular Heritage effort from Mathmos is the one to opt for if you desire a tasteful flare from the past in groovy finishes, liquid and lava colours. Our full review:

Listen to your Christmas favourites wirelessly or via Lightning. This all-in-one speaker isn’t just a notch above the similarly priced competition, it pole-vaults over them with its king-sized accurate sound coming from a sprightly packed delicious looking exterior. Our full review:

A practical and charmingly thoughtful gift. With a well-proportioned design moulded around a handsome everyday timepiece, this watch reflects a truly timeless sophisticated elegance. Our full review:

Full-size keys and compatible with iOS devices for on-the-move recording and playing. It has enough features to make it usable for professional criteria too. Our full review:

Make those speciality gingerbread & hazelnut lattes in your own home. An inbuilt steam arm, bean hopper and burr coffee bean grinder cement this product as a friendly out of the box all-in-one ready solution for all espresso based drinks. Our full review:

Enjoyably energetically rich sound and a sizeable 15 hour battery life. We’ve not heard better from the dimensions of anything similar - and we’ve reviewed a lot of portable speakers! Our full review:

This nifty car gadget makes tasty rich espresso in under 3 minutes! At around 24p a cup it’s a substantially cheaper way to get your caffeine fix than visiting a coffee shop. Our full review:

Starting a New Year diet? Juicing is proven to be a beneficial and nutritionally quick way to get your five a day. This slow cold press method yields plentiful juice from fruit & veg and is easy to clean. Our full review:

Dusters have successfully translated the taste and feel of the sea with this longboard. The surfy ride of the beautiful sun-soaked Dusters Snapshot is an honest and fun setup for every longboarder regardless of experience. Our full review:


Fed up with touch screen controls? Jump on this full-sized console quality controller from SteelSeries and play games like GTA San Andreas and Call of Duty with dedicated console gameplay richness on tablets & smartphones. Our full review:

Do you need to charge more than one device every night? Perhaps this quirky designed hub for charging up to four universal devices simultaneously will keep you organised and energised. Our full review: