iMusic Bluetooth Pillow Review

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One of the places you'd imagine we can escape from technology is within our bed when asleep, but that's set to change with the iMusic Bluetooth Pillow. Many people like falling off into the land of nod whilst listening to the radio, TV or even whilst wearing headphones/earphones, so this pillow with an inbuilt speaker may be a more convenient solution.

Design & Comfort

The pillow itself looks very ordinary, and you certainly wouldn't know that it had an inbuilt speaker by looking at. The quality of the internal padding is soft and airy, but no better than low priced pillows. One speaker is integrated amongst the padding inside the pillow. So far as sleeping on it is concerned we had no complaints, it was comfortable and didn't leave any indented lines on our faces from the internal speaker, meaning the iMusic Pillow's padding did its job.

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The audio from the mono speaker can get quite loud when half way to fully turned up, which could definitely disturb a partner or others sleeping in close proximity. Volume at around 25% was pleasant to fall asleep with and at that level no one else will hear it. The quality of audio is nice, it lacks in bass but has very punchy vocal abilities. We enjoyed listening to podcasts and music via the pillow. Even if your ear moves away from where the speaker is audio can still be heard throughout the pillow. There is a correct side to listen to the speaker.


You can directly connect any device with an auxiliary jack to the pillow, as the iMusic Pillow has a zipper on one corner with a lengthy auxiliary cable inside. But also included with the pillow is a more convenient Bluetooth dongle, this can be attached to the the auxiliary cable and then it enables the pillow to play audio wirelessly. We preferred to use the Bluetooth method, we didn't fancy having our iPhone hooked onto the pillow while we slept.

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The iMusic Bluetooth Pillow is one of the more quirky products we've reviewed in recent times, but its purpose is executed quite well. Many individuals enjoy listening to something to help them get off to sleep and this could be the product to enable them to do so and, if the volume is set low, without disturbing anyone else. It retails within the UK for £39.99 and $54.99 within the USA.

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