OnePiece Onesie Review

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We like to review products that feature and make up popular culture. The onesie is a phenomenon that even we were sceptical about when we first saw it, but after trying one out from OnePieceit's now an embedded part of the lazy weekend. This Norwegian company, that emerged from three friends deciding to create the ultimate 'chill-out wear' one weekend, spanned into world fame very quickly. Not from the likes of the traditional media, but instead fuelled by bloggers from across the globe spreading the word about their new and unusual take on the jumpsuit. OnePiece have unarguably innovated fashion and lifestyle, with the leading fashion outlets now all selling their very own similar styled onesies.


OnePiece have created a large number of diverse designs for men, women and children. You'd be hard pressed not to find a onesie from OnePiece to your liking; with block coloured onesies to those with stripes, to some very bold designs such as USA flags and Angry Birds, and there's another with vibrant paint splashes and then we have a line of exclusive One Direction designed OnePiece onesies. We opted for the navy blue Lillehammer design, which is very befitting for the winter months as its pixelated patterned festivities is very reminiscent to a Christmas jumper/sweater. Our OnePiece onesie design retails for £149, cheaper designs on sale are available starting at £59.

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Comfort & Pockets

So what's so special about the OnePiece onesie? Firstly, the universal design really makes the clothing very comfortable to lie around in and then not feel guilty if bingeing on Netflix all day. Our navy blue Lillehammer onesie is made from 80% exceptionally soft high quality cotton and 20% polyester which has a (350gsm quality) fluffy fleece lining. The OnePiece onesie is light but kept us toasty warm throughout the cold winter months. It was also pleasant to wear during warmer days and evenings. We found the onesie nice to sleep in too; it didn't make us get too warm or begin sweating under the duvet either. But for greater ventilation a YKK® metal zipper can be adjusted, it features two zips which zip all the way from below the belly button to the top of the hood. If it's really cold and you want to provide your head with some warmth the hood fits perfectly. Two open pockets are sewn into each side of the OnePiece onesie and below these are two deep zipped pockets; ideal for keeping objects like a smartphone and some sweets on your person.

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Onesie Addiction

The high standard of quality is one of the reasons why so many people, including some very well known faces, have actually been caught wearing them in public. Once you have a onesie you'll learn that it's tricky to distinguish the difference between casual day clothing and pyjamas and other clothing you may wear when sleeping. This blurred line sort of describes the onesie really, and we'd definitely rather see people rush out to buy their milk on a Sunday morning in their OnePiece Onesie than in tracksuit bottoms and a plain t-shirt.


We've signed up to the onesie craze via the flagship creators that are OnePiece. Their onesie is brilliantly made with high quality materials and is available in a plethora of designs and styles. But most importantly it's now our 'go to' item of clothing to accomplish those carefree weekends.

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