Levi's 510 Super Skinny Jeans Review

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Levi's are the most iconic jean brand in the entire world and this is deservedly so. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, with combined efforts, invented the iconic denim trousers all the way back in 1873 when they went on sale. The blue wash jeans were intended to be hard wearing, which is why the cowboys wore them. Today Levi's is held in high regard as a maker of exceptionally high quality clothing, of which the jeans are the flagship. Interestingly the Levi's company is surprisingly still owned by descendants of Levi Strauss.

Cut & Skinniness

What we have here are the a Levi's 510 super skinny jeans. The cut of the 510 skinny jeans are of course a tight fit. They're cut close through the thigh down to the leg, achieving the skinniest fit within the current Levi's jean lineup. The 510s are made from 99% cotton and 1% Lycra spandex. The model in our photos wore size W30" L32" and has been wearing them over a few months, two to three days a week. The Levi's 510 jeans stretched a minute amount from usage and we have to admit that leg movement is mildly restricted due to the tightness of the 510s, but that's a bi-product of the skinniness. There is a mild flex which the Lycra spandex provides, so sitting down and such isn't going to choke you. The interior of the denim fabric is soft and gentle against the skin, which is highly important with skinny trousers, so the tightness doesn't become irritating or uncomfortable when standing and walking.

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Skinny Jeans Aren't For Everyone

Skinny jeans are very 'in' at the moment, but not everyone has the figure to actually get into a pair of super skinny jeans like these. We don't intend to offend, but just to say that for some people possibly regular skinny or a slightly looser fit might be more complimentary. Having said this, when you can slide in and out of them, like the model within our photos, the jeans highly compliment a wide spectrum of outfits and styles. You could wear these to a smart but casual event and in the summer roll them up with canvas shoes. This is why we love jeans, but the skinny look just makes them that bit more sleek.

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The denim used is of a very high quality, it's durable, rigid and the stitching is strong and precise. Even the material forming the pockets is thick and equipped to take heavy items. We have zero complaints to make about the construction of these trousers. They're built to last for many years and from our day to day usage not one stitch has come free and the material hasn't torn even from grazing them against scratchy brickwork. In the coming winter months and the current nippy autumn days, the 510s provide cosy warmth from the cold too. And because they're skinny the wind won't blow up the trouser legs.


The Levi's 510s have big pockets. Two along the back of the jeans, the left one has the iconic Levi's label and Levi's leather patch. Along the front sides of the jeans are two deep pockets, suitable for storing things like your phone and wallet, and a stamp pocket is included within the right pocket.

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The 510 series are available in a variety of died shades. These currently include neue grey, radio 5 (washed dark blue), modern 8 (light grey), moonshine (black), brown Charlie (cream) and blue canyon (washed light blue). Our pair is the 'broken raw' shade which is a very dark blue that looks black at a glance, this shade appears not to be made any longer. The colour is maturing with each wash, but it's not a dramatic lightening of colour, we'd definitely describe it as being extremely mild and think it will take hundreds of washes to highlight significant lightening. Also the denim hasn't stretched or shrunk from being in a washing machine.

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The Levi's 510 super skinny jeans are everything we want from a pair of skinny jeans. They're soft and comfortable to wear, are available in a wide variety of washes and colours, are excellently well made, long lasting, and most importantly they keep their skinniness.

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