Einhell BG-EM 1437 Electric Lawnmower Review

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Let's face it, if you have a lawn it needs to be cut, and what's needed is a lawnmower that helps do the job quickly and without too much fuss. In this light we are putting the Einhell electric rotary model BG-EM 1437 to the test.

Einhell are a well-established German manufacturer of garden machinery and power tools, and have been in business for 50 years. They make larger petrol driven lawnmowers as well as a number of electric models. In fact the BG-EM 1437 is one of their smaller garden lawnmowers but would easily perform the job of cutting a small to medium sized lawn.

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Firstly there is some really simple assembly needed once unpacked from the box. This is just a matter of fastening the metal handle to the body of the lawnmower and clipping together the plastic grass box and its handle. Then it's ready to use.

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The electric Einhell BG-EM 1437 lawnmower comes with a 10 metre length of cable attached and has a 1400 watt carbon power motor working at 3500 rpm. The cutting width is 37cm and it can be adjusted to three different heights between 25-60mm. We found that the middle height of 42.5mm was ideal for our test on a slightly uneven lawn, particularly as this was the lawn's first cut of the season. Once the safety switch is pressed and the handle pulled back to drive the cutting blade this lawnmower is easy to push forwards and cuts smoothly and efficiently. It is a manually pushed lawnmower with good hard-wearing plastic wheels. The motor has quite a loud sound, but in return it feels strong and robust for the size of the mower.

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The grass collecting box has a 36 litre volume and this allows for a good amount of grass cutting before it needs emptying in normal circumstances. In use we found that all the cut grass went into the box and there were no annoying remnants of cut grass left on top of the newly mown lawn. The collecting box is easy to remove and empty, which is very important with any lawnmower. 

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The whole of the body of the Einhell BG-EM 1437 is made from a tough rigid plastic, making it rugged enough to cope with the regular use necessary when looking after your lawn.

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The cutting height adjustment is performed with a simple mechanism, but does mean turning the lawnmower upside down and it also takes a reasonable amount of strength to pull the locating springs back. It is absolutely imperative that this lawnmower is unplugged from the power supply before any attempt to adjust the cutting height. However, under most circumstances the height would be set before use and then left without alteration.

One particularly pleasing aspect of this lawnmower is its light weight of 9.6kg. Because of its simplicity it does not have any extras weighing it down, and it can easily be carried to and from your lawn; over rough paths or flowerbeds etc. The handle will also fold in half when stored, but beware of the possibility of damaging the electric cable - make sure it is not trapped in the fold of the handle.

Einhell BG-EM 1437 Electric Lawnmower Being Carried in front of Flower Meddow.jpg

All in all the Einhell BG-EM 1437 is a no thrills, solidly made rotary electric lawnmower that will cut your lawn time and time again, year in and year out. It has a reasonable retail price of around £80.00 and comes with a full 2-year manufacturer's guarantee; with new cutting blades available direct from them also when needed. It is one of those well-made pieces of equipment that simply looks and feels reliable from the start.

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